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Spousal Murder Far Less Expensive Than Divorce

We’ve all seen episodes of Forensic Files and Snapped and wondered why or how a person could murder their spouse.  Isn’t it easier to just get a divorce and be done with it?  Turns out, the answer to that question is a resounding ‘no.’  The bridal industry, an industry designed to infantilize women and sell them a false ideal which ...

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Confirmed: Hillary Clinton Murdered a Baby With a Hammer

That’s right, folks.  Hillary Clinton, the de facto Democratic nominee, and potential next president of the united states beat a tiny, innocent baby to death with a hammer.  Can you believe it? It has recently come to our attention that the vast majority of Americans would love to believe the above headline.  The sad fact is, many of them will ...

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Comparing GOP and Dems to Assholes Offensive to Assholes

Recent developments in US politics have many people hurling insulting phrases in the direction of both major political parties.  The Democratic party has fractured over the obvious voter fraud and corruption used to shove Hillary Clinton through the primary process like rancid pork through an industrial sausage press.  The Republicans are in turmoil because Donald Trump is only either loved ...

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Trump Supporter Starts Business Catering to Sanders Supporters

EAST HARTFORD, Conn – A man in Connecticut has started a business that caters to the dejected and depressed supporters of Bernie Sanders.  These former BernBots turned BernOuts are fed up.  After his disappointing loss to Clinton in Maryland, and having been removed from ballots in PA, many of his supporters are simply giving up.  Not on the campaign, not ...

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Comedians Fear Clinton Presidency

The President of the United States has always been a target for comedians.  Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford falling down stairs or Will Farrel As George Bush on SNL, all the way back to the cartoons about Abe Lincoln in the New Yorker, poking fun at the president has always been fair game.  There are concerns among comedians that a ...

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Witch Doctor Claims Computer Viruses Are Demons

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – As if computers were not confusing enough to the bulk of the population, now it appears that they may be possessed by demons.  When your computer starts acting strangely, the first person to call may not be the GeekSquad.  Molumbu Motumbe, a self-proclaimed shaman from Nigeria has set up shop in Northern Virginia.  He claims that he ...

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Google Driverless Car Flips Off Asian Woman Driver

Google’s driverless car technology is fascinating to most people as it truly borders on the imagination of a magical world where your dreams are the limit.  Like most things of this nature, there is a complex AI that makes it possible.  AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, for those not in the know.  AI, as it’s currently understood, is in its ...

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The Real Reason Microsoft Killed the Tay AI Twitter-Bot

Recent headlines about how the Twitter-bot designed by Microsoft and dubbed ‘Tay’ had to be shut down are misleading at best.  It’s certainly problematic for a corporate representative like Tay to tweet things like “Hitler did nothing wrong.” or “Hitler was right I hate the jews.”  Her real problem was with the fact that she was designed as a teenager. ...

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