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Syria Brings Down Russian Planes With Flocks of Trained Birds

Syria Brings Down Russian Planes With Flocks of Trained Birds 5 votes / 5 Stars DAMASCUS Syria – War surrounds, war engulfs, and war reigns through the entire nation of Syria. Greatly outmatched by the Giant bear that is Russia, our Syrian neighbors have begun to get creative in their attempt to stave off their aggressors.  The greatest weapon on the front lines of the Syrian resistance appears to come from the most unlikely of places, a lowly zoo keeper from a relatively unvisited state run Zoo in Damascus, Dr. Muhammad Abdul, and his flocks of trained birds. Praise be to God. These winged warriors are helping us achieve our goals against the infidels. I know that there is pain, ...

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Google Announces New Occult Search Service

Google Announces New Occult Search Service 52 votes / 4.71 Stars Google, Inc. has announced a new search service for occult grimoires and spells, as well as lore and legends for occult deities and creatures.  They intend to launch a public beta of the product as a part of the Google apps family of products in March.  At present, the alpha version of the software is available only to a select test community.  Google Occult, as it has been termed, is primarily a service for practitioners of Enochian Magick, but will also contain other disciplines and schools of Magick. Naturally, Christians are in an uproar about the ramifications of allowing such powerful dark magic to fall into the hands of just ...

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War On Christmas Casualties Projected in the Thousands This Year

War On Christmas Casualties Projected in the Thousands This Year 6 votes / 5 Stars The ever-growing war on Christmas is projected to claim thousands of lives this year.  The US Department of Homeland Security is warning Christmas revelers to avoid major cities with significant atheist populations.  The more militant atheist factions, such as The Godless Heathens, The People’s Atheist Front of Austin, and Militant Atheist Liberation Front have vowed that Christmas this year would be a bloody reminder that not everyone is a Christian. The first step is the red coffee cups at Starbucks.  The next step is booby trapping all of the nativity scenes in the greater Austin, TX area.  The AFA is through using the courts to do ...

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Our 24-Hour Safety Intensive Course

Our 24-Hour Safety Intensive Course 2 votes / 5 Stars We, here at IS, intend to offer a course in Home Safety for individuals who are convinced that they aren’t living safely and wish to fix this situation. We will cover such topics as cooking, dressing, navigating staircases and flat surfaces, exercising, bathing, eating, and most importantly, breathing. This course is aimed at teaching people not only how to live safely, but how to anticipate unsafe conditions and even prevent them. Too often, we are unaware of the unsafe conditions we have grown accustomed to in our daily lives, and we at IS find this unacceptable. After this course, you’ll be a certified ‘safe thinker’ and will be capable of ...

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