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Paying Attention During Sex: Avoiding Sexual Injuries

Paying Attention During Sex: Avoiding Sexual Injuries 4 votes / 5 Stars For whatever reason, hospitals are seeing a rise in sex related injuries.  From that weirdness we talked about earlier, to hip dislocations and contortion related injuries, it’s all getting worse.  While some of those in the medical profession attribute this rise to people’s comfort with a more adventurous sex life, we here at IS believe there is a simpler explanation.  Mindfulness… Mindfulness is a term that is all the rage right now in esoteric as well as psychological circles, but what does it mean?  If you boil it down, it means paying attention.  I wonder why they even bothered to change the name, really.  I mean, what was wrong ...

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The Sun: Why It’s Best Avoided

The Sun: Why It’s Best Avoided 4 votes / 5 Stars The sun, like most other aspects of the universe, is trying to kill you.  Far too many people know little to nothing about the sun, and its sinister motives.  Exposure to the sun can give you all kinds of maladies, from sunburn to skin cancer.  It can bake you like a potato, or fry you like an egg.  Given these facts, why do people go outside during the day? It may surprise you to know that the sun is actually a star.  Unlike most stars, it’s just very close.  Stars are gigantic nuclear reactors, and I think we can all agree that nuclear energy is bad.  With disasters like ...

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The Color Pink Linked to Outbreak in Breast Cancer

The Color Pink Linked to Outbreak in Breast Cancer 5 votes / 5 Stars A new groundbreaking study will change the way we view breast cancer forever. This vile, disgusting disease that affects so many will soon be brought to its knee’s through prevention thanks to the life-changing work being done by Dr. Kopski Fehly of the Institute for Female Studies at the prestigious Klhukuski institute in Sweeden. In a study of 200 participants consisting of both males and females. Dr. Fehly has found that wearing pink more than a couple times per month makes you 75% more likely to develop breast cancer.  Said Dr Fehly, “It is our determination that the color pink is a direct component to the development of ...

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Kombucha Drinkers in the Workplace: Pretentious Douchebags?

Kombucha Drinkers in the Workplace: Pretentious Douchebags? 4 votes / 5 Stars Douchebaggery in the workplace is a dangerous condition.  It leads to resentment and altercations, sometimes physical.  There are myriad douchey things that one can do in an office environment.  Decoration of a cubicle with Tamagotchis, hanging Nickleback posters, talking loudly on the phone to friends about weed enjoyed over the weekend, repeatedly referring to acquaintances as ‘bro,’ discussing one’s workout routine.  These are all incredibly douchey, but perhaps nothing is worse than healthy people rubbing their healthiness in the faces of their co-workers who enjoy coffee and doughnuts. Healthy people, while often chipper, are normally obnoxious douchebags.  They tend to offer dietary advice no one asked for.  They ...

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Swearing Reduces Pain

Swearing Reduces Pain 3 votes / 5 Stars Have you ever fallen off a curb and hurt your leg, or gotten your finger caught in an automatic window? When you did how did you react? If you are anything like the majority of people in America you likely let out some form of expletive or profanity. Why do we do this? That is what researchers at Karoto research laboratories in Kuhmlou, Pakistan have been working on for the last six months. According to the director of pain and psychology Dr. Tsongs Tu Singh we are equipped with ways to minimize pain through speech. According to Dr. Singh, “We have done extensive research with several groups and have concluded that a ...

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