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Lego 50 Shades of Grey Drawing Criticism, Backlash

Lego 50 Shades of Grey Drawing Criticism, Backlash
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 Travellers Tales inc. (TT Games), the software giant behind the all popular Lego video game collection, finds itself under fire this week after concept art was released for its new playable action series, “Lego 50 Shades of Grey”. According to Burton Prescott (TT Games President of Development and acquisitions), this will be an entirely new experience in Lego style gaming. 

Our fans are growing up and need content that grows with them. 50 Shades is the most robust enviroment we have ever created, and gives the user full control of an expanded 50 Shades universe full of ‘A list’ celebrities and big names from the past.

Dirty Sanchez

Lego 50 Shades starts you off as it’s lead character, Dirty Sanchez, and immerses the player in a quest to collect all 245 documented positions while battling the sinister  forces of Prudish inc. Once all 245 positions are collected the player has one final conquest to complete by pleasing the wise and all powerful Kama Sutra.” It’s a new age of gaming for a more demanding and knowledgeable demographic audience”  said Prescott. “You start by conquering run of the mill skanks like Milley Cyrus and WWE’s Paige, and build up towards a more refined clientele represented by stars such as Kaitlyn Jenner and the Queen of England with many surprises along the way”.

Twerking Lego Milley

Not everyone shares Prescott’s view on the concept of Lego 50 Shades, and a proverbial battle has just begun over decency and morality in the video game industry. “This company markets products towards children. This is an absolute Abomination and must be stopped before it slips into our children’s hands” (Jerry Breck – spokesmen Parents Rights for Underage Decency and Enlightenment (P.R.U.D.E))

Mr. Breck may very well be right, but after receiving an advanced demo from The TT Game’s main office I must admit that once you start it’s nearly impossible to stop until you’ve finished. Within 10 minutes of playtime, I already graduated to Missionary status and have collected Taylor Swift, Alice from The Brady Bunch, and Sandy the Squirrel. 


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