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DNC to Hand Debbie Wasserman Schultz Over to ISIS for Beheading

DNC to Hand Debbie Wasserman Schultz Over to ISIS for Beheading3 votes / 5 Stars Democrats, especially those loyal to senator Sanders, are a difficult crowd to please.  Given the release of emails from DNC employees which shows conclusively how the organization defrauded Sanders and his voters, they have all but demanded a sacrifice.  The DNC is finally ready to comply. For those not in the know, the DNC’s email servers were compromised and all of the organization’s emails were released by Wikileaks.  The fallout left several staffers jobless and resulted in Ms. Debbie Wasserman Shultz ouster.  The implications are far reaching and have even compromised several long-standing relationships with large donors.  She was hired by the Clinton campaign immediately after her ...

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Hillary’s Deplorable, Irredeemable Basement Dwellers Identified?

Hillary’s Deplorable, Irredeemable Basement Dwellers Identified?21 votes / 5 Stars BALTIMORE, Maryland – By now we have all had the opportunity to hear Hillary Clinton’s infamous besmirchments of the irredeemable deplorables who support Donald Trump, and the basement dwelling, easily manipulated ’cause heads’ who supported (and still, support) Bernie Sanders. Many are still confused as to whom she was actually referring to when she orated her scripted, misinformed diatribes against the very citizens she purports to desire to lead over these next four years. If we start with the Trump supporters we learn that she was attributing deplorable status to the “under educated” segment of our society. This is a phrase that has been thrown around by pundits and candidates ...

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Bernie Sanders to Use Nickname “Mango” in an Effort to Win the Phish Vote

Bernie Sanders to Use Nickname “Mango” in an Effort to Win the Phish Vote6 votes / 5 Stars BURLINGTON, Vermont -“Lifting up his head he feels the sunlight in his eyes.” Bernie Sanders, embroiled in a long tough fight with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the democratic nomination for President,  has begun a “Phishing for votes” expedition in his home state of Vermont. I am calling on all of our Phisheads nationwide to help me secure the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. I understand you and you understand me. Let’s ramble while Slop Scraper sighs! I am not dangling grape apple pies here. Call me Mango. The Clinton campaign immediately sprang into action to attempt ...

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