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Bernie Sanders to Use Nickname “Mango” in an Effort to Win the Phish Vote

Bernie Sanders to Use Nickname “Mango” in an Effort to Win the Phish Vote 6 votes / 5 Stars BURLINGTON, Vermont -“Lifting up his head he feels the sunlight in his eyes.” Bernie Sanders, embroiled in a long tough fight with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the democratic nomination for President,  has begun a “Phishing for votes” expedition in his home state of Vermont. I am calling on all of our Phisheads nationwide to help me secure the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. I understand you and you understand me. Let’s ramble while Slop Scraper sighs! I am not dangling grape apple pies here. Call me Mango. The Clinton campaign immediately sprang into action to ...

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Facebook to Allow Customers to Block Political Nonsense

Facebook to Allow Customers to Block Political Nonsense 7 votes / 5 Stars BOSTON, Mass – According to inside reports Facebook is set to release an update to their platform that will allow users to block political speech from entering their personal feeds. This new revolutionary software named Politoff, will gather keywords that are usually used in political posts and block them from users who would rather not be bothered by their friend’s enthusiasm toward their political parties and causes. We all have friends who we enjoy on our Facebook friends list that post political garbage way too much. Even when no  one likes or comments on their posts they cannot fight the urge to shower us with their nonsensical ...

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Donald Trump Set to Trademark the Word ‘Great’

Donald Trump Set to Trademark the Word ‘Great’ 5 votes / 5 Stars In another bold election cycle move, the ever opportunistic Donald Trump has petitioned to trademark the word “great.”  The often overused adjective of choice for Mr. Trump is now causing more publicity on the legal front. Our phones are ringing off the hook and everyone wants The Donald for interviews.  This has been absolutely great!  Sonofa… I think I owe The Donald a dollar now. – Joshua Hixenbaugh (Trump campaign advisor). Many folks have been very vocal in opposition to Mr. Trump’s latest foray into trademark and copyright law. You can’t just trademark a single word, especially one that has been in the dictionary since day 1. ...

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Hillary’s Most Damning Emails Recently Released.

Hillary’s Most Damning Emails Recently Released. 5 votes / 5 Stars WASHINGTON D.C. – The Federal Bureau of Investigations this morning released the most embarrassing emails yet retrieved from Hillary Clinton’s private email servers. According to reports from inside the F.B.I’s Electronic Communications Division, these emails show a cooperation between Ms. Clinton acting as Secretary of State and Prince Bundabih Hadheez from the small country of Bahmudi. According to these reports Prince Hadheez had sent various emails to the Secretary of State’s private email account seeking assistance with cashing checks from the Central bank of Bahmudi. According to the emails Prince Hadheez was unable to withdraw his money due to issues with his bank. The only way to retrieve his ...

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