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Google Driverless Car Flips Off Asian Woman Driver

Google Driverless Car Flips Off Asian Woman Driver5 votes / 5 Stars Google’s driverless car technology is fascinating to most people as it truly borders on the imagination of a magical world where your dreams are the limit.  Like most things of this nature, there is a complex AI that makes it possible.  AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, for those not in the know.  AI, as it’s currently understood, is in its infancy, and like any other infants it needs groomed and developed. Microsoft recently unveiled an AI aimed at Twitter for the English speaking crowd which became an evil intolerant racist almost instantly.  The Japanese version faired much better by merely complaining about its hay fever and shouting about ...

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Uber has no restroom hand washing policy

Uber has no restroom hand washing policy3 votes / 5 Stars Investigations often bring to light interesting facts not related to the original investigation. This was the case when we at I.S. began investigating Uber (The quasi-nationwide taxi service) and their hiring practices due to recent issues with employees. What we uncovered turned out to be far darker, and far more sinister than anything we anticipated. According to A former employee, and Uber’s own users handbook we have learned that the transportation giant has no hand washing policy. According to a current employee, whom we shall refer to as Peter, the company has been aware for some time that the automobiles are filled with bacteria and potential illness and failed to ...

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