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The Couple Who Pranks Together…

The Couple Who Pranks Together…3 votes / 5 Stars How attached to your relationship is your significant other?  Try this one simple trick to find out. +110

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Practice Safe Gerbiling: Why Duct Tape is Necessary

Practice Safe Gerbiling: Why Duct Tape is Necessary9 votes / 4.9 Stars In relation to a recent post on the subject of polyembolokoilamania, we mentioned that people were sticking all manner of things into their bodily orifices.  While this isn’t an endorsement of that behavior, if one must do it we figure we should weigh in on how to do it safely. There is a practice among a subset of those suffering from polyembolokoilamania called gerbiling.  This is the act of inserting a gerbil (or other small rodent) into one’s anus, presumably using a tube of some sort.  The issues of safety arise when you realize that these creatures have sharp parts that can cause intestinal trauma.  We have been ...

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Paying Attention During Sex: Avoiding Sexual Injuries

Paying Attention During Sex: Avoiding Sexual Injuries4 votes / 5 Stars For whatever reason, hospitals are seeing a rise in sex related injuries.  From that weirdness we talked about earlier, to hip dislocations and contortion related injuries, it’s all getting worse.  While some of those in the medical profession attribute this rise to people’s comfort with a more adventurous sex life, we here at IS believe there is a simpler explanation.  Mindfulness… Mindfulness is a term that is all the rage right now in esoteric as well as psychological circles, but what does it mean?  If you boil it down, it means paying attention.  I wonder why they even bothered to change the name, really.  I mean, what was wrong with ...

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Polyembolokoilamania and You: We Got Nothin’

Polyembolokoilamania and You: We Got Nothin’6 votes / 5 Stars Once in awhile, we run across a behavior so unsafe that we can’t properly process what we’re seeing.  This one is perhaps the worst.  Firstly, we understand that this is a mental illness, and we’ve had experience in that realm (and we’re properly medicated, we swear).  Polyembolokoilamania, however, is a bird of a different color.  This is a behavior so unsafe that we probably need to ban it and incarcerate everyone practicing it for their own good. Polyembolokoilamania is a disease in which one inserts foreign objects in body orifices.  You heard that right.  People are inserting all manner of objects into any body orifice that catches their fancy.  In ...

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