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Lego® Blocks Strewn About Battlefields a War Crime?

Lego® Blocks Strewn About Battlefields a War Crime?6 votes / 5 Stars The world has seen far more than its fair share of war, and no period in history has been without bloodshed.  With the advent of agreements, conventions, and treaties on the laws of war, we’ve seen a far more humane set of rules emerge on how human beings are to properly kill each other.  Since the 1864 Geneva Convention and all the way up to the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions, the world has sought to eliminate the most horrible parts of armed conflict. There are rules about intentionally starving civilian populations, controlling the weather, dipping bullets in garlic and toxic substances, and even a whole convention on the use ...

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Chimps and Monkeys Skipping Straight From Stone Age to Information Age

Chimps and Monkeys Skipping Straight From Stone Age to Information Age7 votes / 5 Stars It’s recently been revealed that certain apes and monkeys have achieved the feat of making and using stone tools.  This occurs primarily only in places where stones are readily available such as the jungles of the Ivory Coast in Africa.  That’s only half the story, however.  Researchers at Yale University’s monkey lab have successfully taught capuchin monkeys how to use money.  The monkeys, after learning how to use money, even trade their currency for sex. Even more surprising, once the monkeys learn how to trade money for goods and services, a surprising trend emerges.  They have figured out how to use the Internet to search ...

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Erotic, Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation Do’s and Don’ts

Erotic, Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation Do’s and Don’ts5 votes / 4.6 Stars SCHENECTADY NY – Since the death of David Carradine due to auto-erotic asphyxiation, the practice has not only been on the radar of many Americans, it’s also been brought to a wider audience.  Exposing the general public to a practice that is unsafe by its nature is seldom a good idea, because there is so little information on how to do it safely.  That’s where we come in. Bear in mind, we think no one should ever take part in activities like this, but we know that many people are too set in their dangerous ways to be swayed to the safe side of the argument.  If you insist on ...

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People Named Paul, Likely Serial Killers

People Named Paul, Likely Serial Killers4 votes / 5 Stars Where the Hell is Paul? We all ask this question, at least any of us who know Paul.  He never seems to be around but just what the heck is he doing? The answer to that question may suprise you. He is likely killing someone right now. Don’t just take my word for it. Do a simple Google search for serial killers named Paul. The results are startling. Now think back to the last time someone within a 50 mile radius was murdered. Where was Paul? I think we all know the answer to this question. Growing up I had a friend named Paul. We had to stop hanging out ...

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The Gun Debate is Over: For Safety’s Sake Prisons Do it Right

The Gun Debate is Over: For Safety’s Sake Prisons Do it Right4 votes / 5 Stars The gun debate in America divides even the closest of friends and the arguments are always well thought out and sincere.  One side touts the second Amendment and individual liberties while the other counters with safety of the innocent and trust in the authorities to protect them from violence. Recently people against the second amendment have been looking to an industry with a proven track record of showing society what the nation would look like without guns. They have given us a glimpse of how America might look if we adopted the same standards as America’s federal prisons. According to the Federal Organization On ...

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Angry Thoughts Contribute to Global Warming

Angry Thoughts Contribute to Global Warming6 votes / 4.8 Stars Have you ever been so mad that your body heats up, your face turns red, and you start to shout? We have all been there and acted out as if there were no consequences. Oh, how wrong we all were as new studies from the prestigious Wellington Institute of Climate Change and Survival have suggested. In research conducted from June of 2013 through December 2014 Dr. Par T. Shill has shown that our angry outbursts not only endanger the lives of those around us but also all of humanity. Says Dr. Shill, “When our bodies heat up we raise our own temperature on average 10°C. Even worse our own anger ...

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10 Things You Need to Know About Ghost Safety

10 Things You Need to Know About Ghost Safety5 votes / 5 Stars As Halloween quickly approaches, it’s important that we all learn a little bit about supernatural safety.  We have put together a partial list of safety tips and crisis points concerning ghosts and apparitions for those of you struggling to come to terms with your hauntings. No matter what you may have heard no ghost will ever take a chance on killing you. The one advantage they have over you is the fact that they’re a supernatural being and you’re not. They (Spirits) know that killing you will only cause you to become a spirit too and you will likely be angry with them for killing you. Imagine ...

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Our 24-Hour Safety Intensive Course

Our 24-Hour Safety Intensive Course2 votes / 5 Stars We, here at IS, intend to offer a course in Home Safety for individuals who are convinced that they aren’t living safely and wish to fix this situation. We will cover such topics as cooking, dressing, navigating staircases and flat surfaces, exercising, bathing, eating, and most importantly, breathing. This course is aimed at teaching people not only how to live safely, but how to anticipate unsafe conditions and even prevent them. Too often, we are unaware of the unsafe conditions we have grown accustomed to in our daily lives, and we at IS find this unacceptable. After this course, you’ll be a certified ‘safe thinker’ and will be capable of commenting ...

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