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President Trump Signs Executive Order Making Everything You Read Today Literally True

President Trump Signs Executive Order Making Everything You Read Today Literally True1 vote / 5 Stars In a late night Oval Office session yesterday, President Trump signed an executive order making everything you read today literally true.  Spokepeople for the president hope this executive order will help gullible people have a better start to the second quarter of the year than they usually do. Part of making America great again is making people who believe anything happy again.  It’s all true.  Even the stuff I don’t like. –President Trump

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Um… WTF just happened?

Um… WTF just happened?2 votes / 5 Stars Seriously.  We’ve been drinking.  I think we dreamed it, but did that just happen?  No foolin’? 00

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Breaking down the 2016 election in simple terms

Breaking down the 2016 election in simple terms4 votes / 5 Stars FRESNO, California – Many people throughout The United States are still struggling with their decision as to who they intend to vote for in the 2016 election. Now I know that Gary Johnson fans (whom I respect immensely), and Jill Stein fans (whom I also have a lot of respect for) want to be heard from, but in my mind (right or wrong) neither has a legitimate chance at 270 electoral votes.  So we are left with 2 candidates who have a legitimate shot at winning. We’ve broken the election down between the two major candidates as a choice not made until the voter is inside the voting ...

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Cruz Leans Toward Voting Rubio in Texas Primary.

Cruz Leans Toward Voting Rubio in Texas Primary.6 votes / 5 Stars ARLINGTON, Texas – Senator Ted Cruz returned home to Texas today following a somewhat successful beginning to what looks to be an exciting and eventful Republican nomination process. He met with reporters briefly to discuss his aspirations in the race ahead and the importance of Texas in the grand scheme of modern politics. Of the many questions asked, one in particular, seems potentially problematic for the Senator. Yancy Trembler from the Dallas Morning News asked Senator Cruz who is the person most equipped to get America on the right track again. The answer from the candidate was astonishing. We all know I have been a big supporter of ...

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Thirteen Questions with Ben Carson

Thirteen Questions with Ben Carson7 votes / 5 Stars Recently, and you don’t need to know how, I came across Dr. Ben Carson’s phone number. I decided a text message interview would be a good idea. After exchanging niceties and posing as a sexy, female college student (who had noods) writing a paper, he started answering questions.  We got off the rails toward the end, so I just thanked him and sent him some random, topless, college-girl selfie.  The power of fit, young, white chicks can be seen below. IS – Brain surgeons are routinely hailed as some of the smartest people in the world.  Are you trying to destroy this paradigm? BC – Our earliest recollections comes from the ...

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