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Congress Proposes ‘Rape Free Zone’ Legislation to Curb Sexual Assault

Congress Proposes ‘Rape Free Zone’ Legislation to Curb Sexual Assault12 votes / 5 Stars WASHINGTON, DC – Rape is an issue on the minds of many women and men across the Unites States, and our congress has finally started to take notice.  Freshman congresswoman, Norma Torres (D), California, has seen the horrors that grip society from coast to coast related to America’s apparent rape culture and refuses to allow it to continue. She has drafted legislation in conjunction with feminist interests to take a page from the anti-gun movement.  The proposal is to make rape even more illegal in certain ‘rape free’ zones. Like gun free zones, rape free zones will have certain default locations, as well as leaving private locations ...

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Feds Mandate: Product Labels Require Person to Read Warnings To You

Feds Mandate: Product Labels Require Person to Read Warnings To You3 votes / 5 Stars In a rare and stunning congressional victory for safety, congress has passed a safety law which mandates not only that all products sport larger and more thorough warning labels, but that each product come with an actual person to read those warning labels to the purchaser.  We here at IS view this legislation as a win, because now no one can be caught off guard by difficult to understand warnings and safety information. As a provision of the labeling requirements, warning labels must take up a minimum of 20% of the surface area of the packaging.  This number was chosen because it represents one whole side of a ...

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Hillary’s Most Damning Emails Recently Released.

Hillary’s Most Damning Emails Recently Released.5 votes / 5 Stars WASHINGTON D.C. – The Federal Bureau of Investigations this morning released the most embarrassing emails yet retrieved from Hillary Clinton’s private email servers. According to reports from inside the F.B.I’s Electronic Communications Division, these emails show a cooperation between Ms. Clinton acting as Secretary of State and Prince Bundabih Hadheez from the small country of Bahmudi. According to these reports Prince Hadheez had sent various emails to the Secretary of State’s private email account seeking assistance with cashing checks from the Central bank of Bahmudi. According to the emails Prince Hadheez was unable to withdraw his money due to issues with his bank. The only way to retrieve his fortune ...

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Mass Shooter’s Parents to be Held Responsible for Not Hugging Them

Mass Shooter’s Parents to be Held Responsible for Not Hugging Them4 votes / 5 Stars It’s a well known fact that most mass shooters should have been hugged more as children.  A new effort by Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) may put some teeth into that observation.  A longtime opponent of private gun ownership, as well as a longtime member of congress with 10 years in the House of Representatives and an additional nearly 39 in the Senate, she’s dedicated to helping the country deal with the problem of mass shootings. She has introduced legislation to make parents culpable for mass shootings, because they clearly didn’t offer enough hugs, a practice she calls an insidious form of neglect.  Her bill calls for stiff ...

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Easy Open Kraft Mac & Cheese Box Bad for Self Esteem, Leads to Suicides

Easy Open Kraft Mac & Cheese Box Bad for Self Esteem, Leads to Suicides4 votes / 5 Stars Macaroni and cheese is a popular food item.  Most people prefer a homemade concoction of cheeses and pasta, but many companies make instant or simple versions of this dish for the do-it-yourselfer.  Kraft is one of those companies, and arguably the most popular.  Despite its utter lack of taste and absence of nutritional value, it is consumed by the ton on a daily basis, but does that convenience have a dark side? , suicide is among the leading causes of accidental death in most age categories.  Even though we don’t know how the CDC can say something done on purpose was an ...

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Legislation Should Always Have Safety In Mind

Legislation Should Always Have Safety In Mind3 votes / 5 Stars Let’s face it.  Our legislators are generally unsafe people.  As such, they tend to pass unsafe legislation.  For instance, of the 30 bills recently before the 114th Congress, only eight of them even contain the word safety.  We here at IS feel that nearly every bill could stand to have more safety in it.  There is a bill under consideration titled: H.R.3192 – Homebuyers Assistance Act.  Don’t you think that part of the assistance these homebuyers could use is perhaps making their homes safer than they were? If we convince Congress that safety is important, they’ll take it seriously, and then it will be important.  Think about a society where ...

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