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Paying the bills

Muslim attacker schooled by a little girl

Basically, when you set out to treat people badly, make sure you're the top dog in the room first.

Parkour is not Necessarily the Best Exercise

When you chose an exercise program. make sure you think about the possibility of really screwing it up.  I'll bet that hurt...

The Couple Who Pranks Together…

How attached to your relationship is your significant other?  Try this one simple trick to find out.

Cartoon Violence on Our Streets

This cartoon violence has gotten so out of hand, we really don't have any words for it.  

Beaker and Honeydew: A Shining Example of How Not to Science

Here at Immediate Safety, we take health and safety very seriously. Therefore, we present to you this video which shines a light on many...

Peyton Manning Retires: End of an Amazing Love Story

Peyton Manning announces his retirement thus ending one of the great love stories in professional sports history. Only Bonnie Tyler can put into words...

Safety is Important to Those Dutch

Always don't forget to wear your vest.

How Not to Avoid Boredom

What not to do when you hear the word, "bulletproof."

How To Pass Safely in the Snow

  Russians know snow...

It’s a Hard Knock Life

It's not hard to hurt yourself by being stupid.  Don't be stupid.