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The Official Theme Song of Immediate Safety

The Official Theme Song of Immediate Safety 6 votes / 5 Stars This song is the most apt summation of the positions of the staff at Immediate Safety. +180

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Try to Land Softly

Try to Land Softly 3 votes / 5 Stars   +110

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Hand Sanitizer: Does It Make You Clean?

Hand Sanitizer: Does It Make You Clean? 4 votes / 5 Stars MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Hand sanitizer has quickly become the most popular way to wash our hands after using the restroom. It drys on its own and kills 99.9% of all bacteria. You can bring it with you anywhere, and not have to use a public restrooms bottle that may have been tampered with.  It all appears to be a win-win.  Unfortunately we all need to ask a simple question before feeling too comforted about our post restroom grooming.  When we grab the doorknob to leave are we sanitizing the door, or are we dirtying our hands again? According to Dr. Nassier Gravihk we are completing what he calls ...

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A Browns Fan Named Sue

A Browns Fan Named Sue 6 votes / 5 Stars Why do some of us grow up with such amazing abilities to adapt to any of the horrors in our environment? Where do the differences lie between people who put a gun to their own head after a divorce and those who simply smile and walk away with their dignity intact?  Can sports be the missing link between those who suffer depression due to life’s disappointments and those who remain consistently even tempered over time? One Midwest city is trying to answer these questions. There is a significant amount of scientific evidence to support the notion that raising your child as a Cleveland Browns fan will inoculate him against future ...

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The Gun Debate is Over: For Safety’s Sake Prisons Do it Right

The Gun Debate is Over: For Safety’s Sake Prisons Do it Right 4 votes / 5 Stars The gun debate in America divides even the closest of friends and the arguments are always well thought out and sincere.  One side touts the second Amendment and individual liberties while the other counters with safety of the innocent and trust in the authorities to protect them from violence. Recently people against the second amendment have been looking to an industry with a proven track record of showing society what the nation would look like without guns. They have given us a glimpse of how America might look if we adopted the same standards as America’s federal prisons. According to the Federal Organization ...

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Legislation Should Always Have Safety In Mind

Legislation Should Always Have Safety In Mind 3 votes / 5 Stars Let’s face it.  Our legislators are generally unsafe people.  As such, they tend to pass unsafe legislation.  For instance, of the 30 bills recently before the 114th Congress, only eight of them even contain the word safety.  We here at IS feel that nearly every bill could stand to have more safety in it.  There is a bill under consideration titled: H.R.3192 – Homebuyers Assistance Act.  Don’t you think that part of the assistance these homebuyers could use is perhaps making their homes safer than they were? If we convince Congress that safety is important, they’ll take it seriously, and then it will be important.  Think about a society ...

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The Importance of Safety Mindset

The Importance of Safety Mindset 2 votes / 5 Stars Safety is of vital importance.  Unsafe behavior and thinking will eventually kill every last man, woman, and child in the United States.  It’s important now, more than ever that we protect people form their own minds, and their own bodies.  Modern equipment continuously seeks to kill us, and we need to be aware of it all the time.  Your car wants you dead, your bed wants you dead, your clothing wants you dead, and even your food wants you dead. It’s amazing that we all aren’t dead already, given the fact that we’re beset on all sides by murderous people, animals, equipment, and food.  The insurance industry has copious records ...

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Our 24-Hour Safety Intensive Course

Our 24-Hour Safety Intensive Course 2 votes / 5 Stars We, here at IS, intend to offer a course in Home Safety for individuals who are convinced that they aren’t living safely and wish to fix this situation. We will cover such topics as cooking, dressing, navigating staircases and flat surfaces, exercising, bathing, eating, and most importantly, breathing. This course is aimed at teaching people not only how to live safely, but how to anticipate unsafe conditions and even prevent them. Too often, we are unaware of the unsafe conditions we have grown accustomed to in our daily lives, and we at IS find this unacceptable. After this course, you’ll be a certified ‘safe thinker’ and will be capable of ...

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