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Mayor Emanuel to Announce ‘Guns for Jordans’ Initiative

CHICAGO, Illinois- Mayor Rahm Emanuel has scheduled a major press conference for next week to introduce the newest and grandest idea to get guns...

What Your Pizza Crust Choice Says About You

We all love pizza (unless there is something wrong with us).  Everyone has topping preferences, and some even have sauce preferences.  Pizza is so...

Air in Beijing an Effective Industrial Solvent

BEIJING, China - The air in Beijing is highly toxic.  It's so bad, it makes 1980s Los Angeles look like a fresh, spring meadow....

Energy Drinks Lead to Dressing Like a Douche

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona - Consumption of energy drinks is growing exponentially, especially among young men with a penchant for acting stupid, dressing stupidly, and doing...

Cooking Spray Unsafe For Millennials

Millennials have a difficult time with arrows because they feel all arrows should point toward them. This makes cooking spray a challenge because the...

STD Safe

Have you ever met someone and just new you had to have Intercourse immediately? Of course you have. I am sure during each instance...

How Do We Make Guns Safer?

Guns are inherently unsafe. They kill nearly everyone who comes near them.  That is, of course, with the inexplicable exception of redneck, white, conservative,...