Hot off the press

88 Generals Endorse Trump, Hillary Incredulous

WASHINGTON, D.C.- The Trump campaign on Tuesday released a list of 88 current and former generals and admirals that have given Mr. Trump their...

Chipotle Roulette – Because We Know You Can’t Resist

DENVER, COLORADO - A new marketing campaign by America's favorite premium fast food chain, Chipotle, is sticking it's thumb right in the eye of...


Surviving Alien Abduction 2016

Every passing year brings with it more tales of abduction and horrors orchestrated by our visitors from above. From simple sightings to full horrifying...

Bibles, Qurans, and AR-15s, Oh My! Part One

ISLA SORNA - Life is inherently full of dangerous things that strive to hurt and kill us. We have been confronted lately by, according...
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