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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Mulls 2020 Presidential Run Despite Her Age Washington, DC - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), or AOC as she is called by the kids, is a 29-year-old US Legislator elected in New York's 14th District to the US House of Representatives.  She is... Facebook has been compromised and it is time for all Patriots to log out. Facebook has been compromised. Why does it matter? Why should we care? How does It effect me? What difference does it make? If you are a liberal progressive who believes all speech that doesn't... Detroit woman sues Proctor & Gamble over Tide Pod weight gain DETROIT, Michigan - A Wayne County couple, today, filed a federal lawsuit against the Proctor & Gamble corporation (Makers of Tide detergent), for a defect in the companies (Tide inc.), detergent pods which led... NOAA Answers the Question: 'Where Da Hoes At' with Science SUITLAND, MD - The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, the US's premier natural pattern studying organization, has taken a major leap forward in migratory patterns using satellites and big data. For background, NOAA has... The Last Jedi Review: If You love Star Wars Stay Away IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY - Oh where to begin? I may, or may not have spoilers here. Not really sure as this is less an article as it is an (off the... White Activists Seeking Reparations for Ancient Slavery NEW YORK, New York - Several motions have been filed recently in the Southern District of New York Federal Court, seeking the right and authority to bring an international lawsuit against the Nation of... Former President Obama Proving Spying Is Not Always A Bad Thing. EVERYNOOKANDCRANYIN, America - Sometimes, throughout our liveswe hear words that automatically trigger negative emotions; Hitler, Satan, Osama Bin Laden, Nickelback just to name a few. Do we ever get it wrong? Do we ever...

Transgenders to Liberal do-gooders : Please stop trying to “help”.

MADISON, Wisconsin - Restrooms, believe it or not, have become the new battlefield in America's social wars. Many have tried to resolve these differences...

Our 24-Hour Safety Intensive Course

We, here at IS, intend to offer a course in Home Safety for individuals who are convinced that they aren't living safely and wish...

Bad Grammar Linked to Silly, Accidental Deaths

ACCIDENT, Maryland- A recent study by the Life Insurance Actuarial Research Society in Accident, Maryland has shown a startling link between poor grammar and the...


Sewer Rats in Los Angeles Becoming Sentient

LOS ANGELES, California - Recent findings by scientists studying the rat problem in Los Angeles are frightening, as well as exciting.  Sewer rats have...

Bibles, Qurans, and AR-15s, Oh My! Part One

ISLA SORNA - Life is inherently full of dangerous things that strive to hurt and kill us. We have been confronted lately by, according...