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Hand Sanitizer: Does It Make You Clean?

Hand Sanitizer: Does It Make You Clean?4 votes / 5 Stars MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Hand sanitizer has quickly become the most popular way to wash our hands after using the restroom. It drys on its own and kills 99.9% of all bacteria. You can bring it with you anywhere, and not have to use a public restrooms bottle that may have been tampered with.  It all appears to be a win-win.  Unfortunately we all need to ask a simple question before feeling too comforted about our post restroom grooming.  When we grab the doorknob to leave are we sanitizing the door, or are we dirtying our hands again? According to Dr. Nassier Gravihk we are completing what he calls double ...

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Pedophiles Three Times as Likely to Skip Breakfast

Pedophiles Three Times as Likely to Skip Breakfast3 votes / 5 Stars While pretty much everyone agrees that pedophiles are disgusting people (with perhaps the sole exception being pedophiles themselves), something they need to stop doing is skipping breakfast.  The importance of a balanced breakfast cannot be understated, but these guys just don’t seem to care.  It’s a well known fact that breakfast helps your brain work better, and helps you make better decisions.  Since pedophiles are generally less likely to be intelligent in the first place, they need all the help they can get. Researchers at the sexual medicine department at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) had all sorts of important things to say about pedophiles, such as, “…their ...

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Practice Safe Gerbiling: Why Duct Tape is Necessary

Practice Safe Gerbiling: Why Duct Tape is Necessary9 votes / 4.9 Stars In relation to a recent post on the subject of polyembolokoilamania, we mentioned that people were sticking all manner of things into their bodily orifices.  While this isn’t an endorsement of that behavior, if one must do it we figure we should weigh in on how to do it safely. There is a practice among a subset of those suffering from polyembolokoilamania called gerbiling.  This is the act of inserting a gerbil (or other small rodent) into one’s anus, presumably using a tube of some sort.  The issues of safety arise when you realize that these creatures have sharp parts that can cause intestinal trauma.  We have been ...

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Kombucha Drinkers in the Workplace: Pretentious Douchebags?

Kombucha Drinkers in the Workplace: Pretentious Douchebags?4 votes / 5 Stars Douchebaggery in the workplace is a dangerous condition.  It leads to resentment and altercations, sometimes physical.  There are myriad douchey things that one can do in an office environment.  Decoration of a cubicle with Tamagotchis, hanging Nickleback posters, talking loudly on the phone to friends about weed enjoyed over the weekend, repeatedly referring to acquaintances as ‘bro,’ discussing one’s workout routine.  These are all incredibly douchey, but perhaps nothing is worse than healthy people rubbing their healthiness in the faces of their co-workers who enjoy coffee and doughnuts. Healthy people, while often chipper, are normally obnoxious douchebags.  They tend to offer dietary advice no one asked for.  They constantly ...

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