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Twelve Internet Rumors You Didn’t Know Were True

Twelve Internet Rumors You Didn’t Know Were True2 votes / 5 Stars SILICON VALLEY, California – The social media universe has become a proverbial treasure trove of conspiracy theory and satire. It is nearly impossible for any of us to maintain a grip on what is true and what is, well, utter BS. What if some of these stories were true? We have scanned the interwebs in an attempt to bring you the top 12 social media conspiracies that are actually true. 00

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Bibles, Qurans, and AR-15s, Oh My! Part One

Bibles, Qurans, and AR-15s, Oh My! Part One4 votes / 5 Stars ISLA SORNA – Life is inherently full of dangerous things that strive to hurt and kill us. We have been confronted lately by, according to main street media, the three biggest culprits of disaster and mayhem working with, and against each other. These three inanimate doom  initiators are The Christian Bible, The Islamic Quran, and the AR-15 Rifle (which some claim is an assault rifle but that is another article). I am sure most of you have asked yourself, like me, which is the most dangerous of the three? I sought out to get an answer and the results of the search were mind blowing. I paid a ...

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Beaker and Honeydew: A Shining Example of How Not to Science

Beaker and Honeydew: A Shining Example of How Not to Science3 votes / 5 Stars Here at Immediate Safety, we take health and safety very seriously. Therefore, we present to you this video which shines a light on many improper ideas and techniques that you should avoid. Special thanks to Beaker and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. Do not try this at home. +190

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Government Studies Too Expensive, Usually Have Bad Results

Government Studies Too Expensive, Usually Have Bad Results3 votes / 5 Stars A recent study conducted by the National Science Foundation, costing a whopping $1 billion, which sought to quantify the efficacy and efficiency of scientific studies, has concluded.  The study was funded by the National Science Foundation, a government function, which means the funds came from taxpayers.  The shocking part of the study is not the price tag, or the organization which performed the study, it was the results. The study found that government funded studies are severely over priced, and more often than not, the results of those studies cannot be trusted.  The head of the study, Dr. Vég Noel, wasn’t even sure if the results of the study should be ...

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Ancient Cave Drawings: Smoke Signals are the Cause of Climate Change

Dr. Uhura points out some cave drawings

Ancient Cave Drawings: Smoke Signals are the Cause of Climate Change6 votes / 5 Stars NAZCA Peru-  Archaeologists exploring a newly found cave in Nazca, Peru have discovered ancient drawings that appear to suggest that man has been responsible for, and aware of his culpability in, climate change for thousands of years.  Dr. Iman Uhara (the director of the team) was shocked to see that ancient people were just as concerned about, and in tuned to, their environment. According to these writings that we have been able to translate thus far, we have determined that these stone aged people knew that the more smoke they put up into the air the higher the future temperatures would become. – Dr. Uhara ...

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Phrenology Enjoys Resurgence in Popularity

Phrenology Enjoys Resurgence in Popularity5 votes / 5 Stars Phrenology, which is defined as a pseudoscience primarily focused on measurements of the human skull, has long been debunked.  That fact hasn’t stopped a group of hard-core believers from reviving it and making a play for science text books.  Several people who describe themselves as ‘modern phrenologists’ are bringing the science back into the forefront of psychological debate.  They claim that the science was dismissed before it got a fair shake, and before modern equipment could bear it out as a real science. Two prominent Phrenologists, Bernard Hollander and Paul Bouts, had sons.  Their sons, ironically named Paul Hollander and Bernard Bouts, have decided to collect and compile the works of their fathers, combine them with writing ...

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Cats Don’t Have 9 Lives, Federal Study Finds

Cats Don’t Have 9 Lives, Federal Study Finds4 votes / 5 Stars ANTIOCH, Ohio – Researchers at the small animal and rodent research labs at Ohio University have recently released several years worth of research aimed at creating life saving abilities for human beings through the study of cats and their 9 lives. More than $200 million has been invested by the federal government in an attempt to find what it is that gives a cat its 9 lives.  Also, how to extract this ability from the cats, and implant these abilities into human beings. The research is being overseen by Dr. Fillmore Coffers who is head of the institute. The process is taking far longer than expected. We have ...

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Use of Word ‘Kardashian’ Shown to Cause Drastic Drop in IQ

Use of Word ‘Kardashian’ Shown to Cause Drastic Drop in IQ5 votes / 4.8 Stars STANFORD – Scientists with the legendary Center for Advanced Study in Intellectual Sciences at Stanford University study human intellect.  They test all facets of the human ability to process information, and measure intelligence in a number of different ways.  A team at the center was recently surprised to learn that how people use their words plays a large part in the outward manifestation of intellect.  In some cases, the use of specific words has a marked effect on actual IQ.  For instance, expanding one’s vocabulary to include words not previously known can improve IQ.  Use of other words, however, can have a deleterious effect on intelligence. ...

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