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MOBILE, Alabama –

In a stunning decision out of Mobile Alabama family courts, a young transgender person has been deemed responsible for providing child support for a child they are raising.

Alexi Campanos (22 Mobile), gave birth to her son Miguel in July of last year. Between then and now, Alexi, who identifies as a man, chose to complete reassignment surgery and become a full-blown male.

This is where the issues with Mobile, Alabama begin. Alexi has been using social services to cover all medical expenses, WIC distributions, and food stamps as he is a young single parent trying to make his way in an overly cruel world. Mobile social services have had a difficult time tracking down Miguel’s biological father in their attempt to recoup some of the costs assumed by the State of Alabama. That is, until earlier this year when their database got a hit on Miguel’s probable father.

Since Alexi is now listed in Mobile’s social service database as a male, the city was able to identify Alexi as the father of Miguel with 99.9% certainty. Because of this finding Mobile country courts have made a determination that Alexi owes more than $8,000.00 in medical expenses to the state, $1,800.00 in back support to himself, and will be charged $232.09 per month paid to himself in child support.

It sounds like I am just paying myself but the state receives $8.50 a month in service fee’s from the money I pay. They also expect me to pay for my own hospital care. Now they want me to get a job as I am demanded to provide insurance for miguel. I dont want to be a man anymore. – Alexi Campanos

Mr. Campanos is expected to appeal the finding of Alabama social services, and according to legal scholars, this decision cannot stand.

This is an absolute travesty of momentous proportions. Just because Mr. Campanos chose to become a man does not mean the law now needs to punish him like one. -CHARLOTTE YIN ESQ (ATTY MR. CAMPANOS)



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