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How To Pass Safely in the Snow

  Russians know snow...

Beaker and Honeydew: A Shining Example of How Not to Science

Here at Immediate Safety, we take health and safety very seriously. Therefore, we present to you this video which shines a light on many...

The Official Theme Song of Immediate Safety

This song is the aptest summation of the positions of the staff at Immediate Safety.

It’s a Hard Knock Life

It's not hard to hurt yourself by being stupid.  Don't be stupid.

RAW FOOTAGE – DNC Illegally Dumps Enormous Amount of Campaign Promises

The DNC was caught dumping a tremendous amount of waste, and probably some fraud and abuse, in a storm drain in Lawrenceville, GA.  The...

Be Careful Travelling in the Snow

Snow is not safe for travel, and this weekend should bring a lot of it.

Muslim attacker schooled by a little girl

Basically, when you set out to treat people badly, make sure you're the top dog in the room first.