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Ohio Man Celebrates 480 Months Heroin-Free

Ohio Man Celebrates 480 Months Heroin-Free6 votes / 5 Stars YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio –  Perseverant, indefatigable, resolute. One man stands as a testament to the power of the soul over addiction and adds another slash to the wall of persistence. Julio Brown May look like an ordinary Youngstown, Ohio resident but you can’t judge a book by its cover. On March 11 of this year, Julio set a new personal milestone in his life by hitting his 480th-month being heroin free. It get’s harder everyday. This is no picnic. Nobody pats me on the back for this but I do it for me. It would be easy for me to fall off the wagon. Maybe then people would pay more attention. ...

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Recreational Fishing Linked to Severe Alcoholism

Recreational Fishing Linked to Severe Alcoholism7 votes / 4.4 Stars Fishing is one of the great pastimes throughout history.  Where there’s water, there are fish.  Where there are fish, there are anglers.  Where there are anglers, there is beer.  What does beer have to do with fish, you might ask?  Everything.  As it turns out, fishing, like baseball, is so boring that beer is required to make it even remotely exciting. Every year, fishermen in the US alone consume enough beer while fishing to fill 27 olympic sized pools with enough leftover to make the entire city of Boston drunk for the whole week of St. Patrick’s.  Sadly, the vast majority of that beer is swill like Budweiser or Miller ...

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