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CIA GO: Collect Them All

CIA GO: Collect Them All2 votes / 5 Stars SILICON VALLEY, California – The recent scandals tormenting the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) have given a much-deserved black eye to the once proud American Institution. Most organizations would deny the allegations and simply wait for the bad publicity and mistrust to blow over. Instead, the agency has decided to own their apparent misdeeds and win back public support by having some fun with the public at large. On Wednesday of next week Facebook inc. With the full cooperation of Apple computers and the CIA will release a new App named CIA Go™. The CIA Go™ app will function much like the Pokémon Go™ app but is far more robust with several additional options ...

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CIA Drawing Ire from DC’s Previous toughest kid on the block

CIA Drawing Ire from DC’s Previous toughest kid on the block1 vote / 5 Stars DEVELOPING…… ASHBURN, Virginia – Unless you have been stranded on a desert island without internet access for the last 24 hours you are likely aware that the CIA is in the proverbial dog house. They (CIA) have been implicated in the largest spying conspiracy in almost a week (see Obama Trump). Unfortunately, these new revelations go far beyond spying and find themselves knee-deep in scandals involving murder and assassinations.  One group in DC has taken notice and is especially appalled at the CIA’s apparent lack of understanding of copyright infringement. The Clinton Foundation, which is well-known for <cough> “charity” work around the world, also has ...

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