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New Marijuana Game, Smokémon, Killing Kids

New Marijuana Game, Smokémon, Killing Kids 11 votes / 5 Stars With widespread acceptance of marijuana culture and use, a new danger has arisen for children.  Like college kids and frat houses love their drinking games, it was only a matter of time before a smoking game caught on.  The game is called Smokémon, and it’s a lot like a trading card game, only with actual marijuanas.  We all know that marijuanas kill most of the people who use them, and that’s what makes this game so difficult to talk about. The game works using the strain names on leafly.com.  If a player has a sample (called a nug) of the strain on the card, he can use the card.  The more ...

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Feds to Legalize Marijuana to Stop Campus Demonstrations

Feds to Legalize Marijuana to Stop Campus Demonstrations 5 votes / 5 Stars WASHINGTON DC – The US House of Representatives is expected to pass a bill related to veteran’s healthcare.  It’s no surprise that they would, given the public popularity of veterans issues.  Bills like that are called ‘cream-puffs’ due to the simplicity of getting a majority to pass them.  During the amendment process, a provision was slipped into the bill which would be a defacto ban on the DoJ’s ability to enforce the nation’s marijuana laws. When asked about this provision, Rep. Jason Smith, (R) Missouri, gave the following statement. This campus protest thing is really getting out of hand.  We figure the only thing college kids like ...

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