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Phrenology Enjoys Resurgence in Popularity

Phrenology Enjoys Resurgence in Popularity5 votes / 5 Stars Phrenology, which is defined as a pseudoscience primarily focused on measurements of the human skull, has long been debunked.  That fact hasn’t stopped a group of hard-core believers from reviving it and making a play for science text books.  Several people who describe themselves as ‘modern phrenologists’ are bringing the science back into the forefront of psychological debate.  They claim that the science was dismissed before it got a fair shake, and before modern equipment could bear it out as a real science. Two prominent Phrenologists, Bernard Hollander and Paul Bouts, had sons.  Their sons, ironically named Paul Hollander and Bernard Bouts, have decided to collect and compile the works of their fathers, combine them with writing ...

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It’ll Be Warm, for a Minute…

It’ll Be Warm, for a Minute…4 votes / 5 Stars What not to do on both ends of being on fire… +150

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How Not To Fix a Toaster

How Not To Fix a Toaster3 votes / 5 Stars   +40

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