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CZ Boss Phone Changing Prisons Through Keistering

CZ Boss Phone Changing Prisons Through Keistering3 votes / 5 Stars CINCINNATI, Ohio – An idea whose time has finally come. The world was recently introduced to the ‘3 in 1 Long-CZ J8 Beat The Boss’ phone and has left us wondering how we ever lived without it. It is the smallest phone in the world and boasts it’s “beat the boss” feature. For those of you who have never been to prison, The “B.O.S.S” is an acronym for Body Orifice Security Scanner. The “B.O.S.S” is used to scan prison inmates bodies for anything hidden through ‘keistering’. If you are unaware of what keistering is rent the movie “Get Hard,” and prepare for an eye-opening experience. By all accounts, this ...

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Amazon : Forget Drones, Wormholes are the Future

Amazon : Forget Drones, Wormholes are the Future9 votes / 5 Stars GENEVA, Switzerland – The future is now, but it is not the future we were expecting. Geneva, Switzerland is all abuzz, as is the rest of the world, regarding new information just released this morning that will take the scientific community for the ride of a lifetime. According to Stanley Griswald, (Amazon corp. Director of scientific discovery), life is about to change for all of us in an amazing Amazon kind of way.  According to Griswald, the Amazon drone program has been put on hold practically before it even started while they begin work on their new, revolutionary wormhole project. Imagine ordering a product from California and having ...

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