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How Not to Avoid Boredom

How Not to Avoid Boredom3 votes / 5 Stars   What not to do when you hear the words, “bullet proof.” +70

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Racist Police Steal AK-47’s, Exposives From Refugees

Racist Police Steal AK-47’s, Exposives From Refugees6 votes / 4.3 Stars DALLAS, Texas – Police in Dallas, Texas are coming under fire for the arrests of eight Syrian refugees on weapons, explosives, and grand theft auto charges after hundreds of citizens jump the gun in the racist south. It all began yesterday afternoon as Police responded to a report of a truck being stolen from a local electrician during his lunch break. Police located the vehicle speeding, going left of center, and creating a disturbance on Main St. According to the responding officers several men in the back of the truck were waiving high powered rifles and yelling at citizens on the street. The stolen vehicle was witnessed going left of ...

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How Do We Make Guns Safer?

How Do We Make Guns Safer?5 votes / 4.2 Stars Guns are inherently unsafe. They kill nearly everyone who comes near them.  That is, of course, with the inexplicable exception of redneck, white, conservative, Republican, Christians. Despite the fact that many of these people are immune, we aren’t sure what causes their immunity. As scientists study the cause of this immunity, it’s important that we realize that the only way to truly be safe is to eliminate all guns.  While we work on eliminating them, we have more than a few common sense measures which can make them safer in the meantime. It’s not usually the guns which do the killing, it’s the bullets.  While we know that guns can ...

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