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President Trump Scheduled To Make Racist Remarks

President Trump Scheduled To Make Racist RemarksRate this post NEW YORK, New York – Being President Of The Unites States is exhausting, time-consuming, and constant. Even the most energetic and detailed among us would have a difficult time keeping up with the type of demands Donald Trump has recently had thrust upon him. It’s easy to become complacent and occasionally forget a step or two, but when it comes to diversity those same missteps get magnified tremendously. Reports out of Washington D.C. recently have suggested that it has been several days since The President’s words have overtly offended anyone based on color, religion, gender, or sexual preference. Some inner circle social justice warriors have spoken out on this and have ...

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The Colin Kaepernick you thought you knew.

The Colin Kaepernick you thought you knew.2 votes / 5 Stars SAN FRANCISCO, California – like it or not Colin Kaepernick, the controversial backup quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, has become a household name for sitting during the national anthem before his team’s games. Many believe him to be a disrespectful twat for these actions but if you dig below the surface you find that he is simply an emotional guy with thoughtful intentions. Those who know him best tell a story of the man, a big heart, and the effects of music on his conscience. I was riding in the car with him one day and Tommy Tutones 867-5309 came on the radio. He (Kaepernick) immediately veered to ...

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