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Donald Trump Followed By Large Combative Cloud Of Global Warming

Donald Trump Followed By Large Combative Cloud Of Global Warming1 vote / 5 Stars NEW YORK, New York – Depending on whether you are a Republican or Democrat you likely have very different views on global warming and the causes of the fluctuations in temperatures worldwide. Global warming has no such biases and seems to have made its beliefs known. Over the last month, as President Trump has traveled from coast to coast, a large antagonistic cloud of global warming has followed. Many inside the beltway have become very concerned and have politicized the cumulus obstruction to The President. “You know things are bad when clouds become sentient,” said Nancy Pelosi (House Minority Leader CA), “If there was a God, ...

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President Trump To Adorn commemorative Cheetos Bag

President Trump To Adorn commemorative Cheetos Bag2 votes / 3 Stars COLUMBUS, Ohio – A big announcement is expected soon from the Frito-Lay corporation regarding our newly elected President Donald J. Trump. According to reports, a new partnership has been formed which will allow The President to appear on specially designed Cheetos® Puffs snack packages. A spokesman close to Pepsico (Which owns Frito-Lay, the manufacturer of Cheetos®) claims, “Orange is the color of our dreams,” will be the new tag line for the Cheetos® ‘Presidential Puffs’ snack brand.  Sales of Cheetos® have skyrocketed since President Trump was coined ‘Cheeto Jesus’ by Republican political strategist Rick Wilson in a rant he posted on Twitter in mid-June 2016. This partnership seems a ...

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