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Sounding: What it is, and Why You Should NEVER Google it

Sounding: What it is, and Why You Should NEVER Google it3 votes / 5 Stars We’ve written before about polyembolokoilamania and the freakish thing it actually is.  We’ve even written about one particular subset of that practice known as gerbiling.  We’ve recently learned of another subset of this condition known as sounding.  Sounding is the practice of inserting objects of ever-increasing width into the urethra (usually in men) in an effort to widen it.  They actually sell kits for the DIY sounder.  We really don’t understand the reason behind it, but we do understand that people are doing it.  Once you get past the inevitable cringe moment and the obligatory, “But, why?” you’re left with only protecting the weirdos who ...

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Paying Attention During Sex: Avoiding Sexual Injuries

Paying Attention During Sex: Avoiding Sexual Injuries4 votes / 5 Stars For whatever reason, hospitals are seeing a rise in sex related injuries.  From that weirdness we talked about earlier, to hip dislocations and contortion related injuries, it’s all getting worse.  While some of those in the medical profession attribute this rise to people’s comfort with a more adventurous sex life, we here at IS believe there is a simpler explanation.  Mindfulness… Mindfulness is a term that is all the rage right now in esoteric as well as psychological circles, but what does it mean?  If you boil it down, it means paying attention.  I wonder why they even bothered to change the name, really.  I mean, what was wrong with ...

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