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Trump Supporter Starts Business Catering to Sanders Supporters

Trump Supporter Starts Business Catering to Sanders Supporters6 votes / 5 Stars EAST HARTFORD, Conn – A man in Connecticut has started a business that caters to the dejected and depressed supporters of Bernie Sanders.  These former BernBots turned BernOuts are fed up.  After his disappointing loss to Clinton in Maryland, and having been removed from ballots in PA, many of his supporters are simply giving up.  Not on the campaign, not on the process, but on life.  We don’t condone suicide and think these people are clearly overreacting to an obvious fix by the Democratic party leadership, but that doesn’t stop them from taking rash action. Connecticut resident, gun owner, and entrepreneur, Eric Carson, has decided to strike while the ...

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Vermin Supreme the Only Candidate not Full of Shit

Vermin Supreme the Only Candidate not Full of Shit11 votes / 5 Stars The news is all Hillary this, Trump that, Bernie the other (also Cruz, but who cares).  The worst thing about it is, every time you hear a politician speak, you know it’s a lie.  You know Sanders doesn’t know about economics because his proposals are insanely expensive.  Trump may (allegedly) know how to run a company, but does that necessarily mean he knows how to run a country?  As for Hillary, shouldn’t she be in jail?  If I’d done 1/10th what she has admitted to, I sure would be.  Those are your choices, though.  Oh, and Cruz, who will line up all the gays and whip them ...

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