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Charleston Man Fired Due to Flatulence

Charleston Man Fired Due to Flatulence4 votes / 5 Stars CHARLESTON, West Virginia – A battle of prodigious magnitude is dawning at a diminutive regency office in the suburbs of Charleston West Virginia. The struggle lies between a man, Jorge Borgious, his former employer, and the union that was supposed to be representing his interests, after being terminated due to repeated violations of (Kanahwa Counties’s ) all too strict flatulence policies. According to the lawsuit filed recently by Mr. Borgious he has a condition, Gerd (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), that by some accounts should protect him under the ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act). According to his attorney, Ayer Reeks Esq, laws were broken in the termination of Mr. Borgious. My client ...

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Donald Trump Set to Trademark the Word ‘Great’

Donald Trump Set to Trademark the Word ‘Great’5 votes / 5 Stars In another bold election cycle move, the ever opportunistic Donald Trump has petitioned to trademark the word “great.”  The often overused adjective of choice for Mr. Trump is now causing more publicity on the legal front. Our phones are ringing off the hook and everyone wants The Donald for interviews.  This has been absolutely great!  Sonofa… I think I owe The Donald a dollar now. – Joshua Hixenbaugh (Trump campaign advisor). Many folks have been very vocal in opposition to Mr. Trump’s latest foray into trademark and copyright law. You can’t just trademark a single word, especially one that has been in the dictionary since day 1. Someone ...

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Hillary’s Most Damning Emails Recently Released.

Hillary’s Most Damning Emails Recently Released.5 votes / 5 Stars WASHINGTON D.C. – The Federal Bureau of Investigations this morning released the most embarrassing emails yet retrieved from Hillary Clinton’s private email servers. According to reports from inside the F.B.I’s Electronic Communications Division, these emails show a cooperation between Ms. Clinton acting as Secretary of State and Prince Bundabih Hadheez from the small country of Bahmudi. According to these reports Prince Hadheez had sent various emails to the Secretary of State’s private email account seeking assistance with cashing checks from the Central bank of Bahmudi. According to the emails Prince Hadheez was unable to withdraw his money due to issues with his bank. The only way to retrieve his fortune ...

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