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Former President Obama Proving Spying Is Not Always A Bad Thing.

Former President Obama Proving Spying Is Not Always A Bad Thing.1 vote / 5 Stars EVERYNOOKANDCRANYIN, America – Sometimes, throughout our lives, we hear words that automatically trigger negative emotions; Hitler, Satan, Osama Bin Laden, Nickelback just to name a few. Do we ever get it wrong? Do we ever automatically supplant a negative connotation to something before we give it a chance to be OK? That’s something we all need to ask ourselves as we work through the suggestion that Former President Barack Obama used the powers of the Oval Office to spy on both well-known antagonists around the world, and everyday normal folks simply living their lives. As we look into some of the examples of the former Presidents “spying” ...

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Comparing GOP and Dems to Assholes Offensive to Assholes

Comparing GOP and Dems to Assholes Offensive to Assholes6 votes / 5 Stars Recent developments in US politics have many people hurling insulting phrases in the direction of both major political parties.  The Democratic party has fractured over the obvious voter fraud and corruption used to shove Hillary Clinton through the primary process like rancid pork through an industrial sausage press.  The Republicans are in turmoil because Donald Trump is only either loved or hated by the entire world, Republicans included.  Notoriously, House Speaker Paul Ryan refused to endorse the party’s de facto candidate. This has lead to a virtual perfect storm of vitriol and name calling the likes of which we have never seen. Now people across America are ...

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Facebook to Allow Customers to Block Political Nonsense

Facebook to Allow Customers to Block Political Nonsense7 votes / 5 Stars BOSTON, Mass – According to inside reports Facebook is set to release an update to their platform that will allow users to block political speech from entering their personal feeds. This new revolutionary software named Politoff, will gather keywords that are usually used in political posts and block them from users who would rather not be bothered by their friend’s enthusiasm toward their political parties and causes. We all have friends who we enjoy on our Facebook friends list that post political garbage way too much. Even when no  one likes or comments on their posts they cannot fight the urge to shower us with their nonsensical blathering. ...

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