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Roy coerced us into giving him a platform. Let's just say he has some dirt and we don't feel like fighting him on it. We don't necessarily agree with what he says, but it's sometimes entertaining.

Vermin Supreme the Only Candidate not Full of Shit

Vermin Supreme the Only Candidate not Full of Shit11 votes / 5 Stars The news is all Hillary this, Trump that, Bernie the other (also Cruz, but who cares).  The worst thing about it is, every time you hear a politician speak, you know it’s a lie.  You know Sanders doesn’t know about economics because his proposals are insanely expensive.  Trump may (allegedly) know how to run a company, but does that necessarily mean he knows how to run a country?  As for Hillary, shouldn’t she be in jail?  If I’d done 1/10th what she has admitted to, I sure would be.  Those are your choices, though.  Oh, and Cruz, who will line up all the gays and whip them ...

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Military Spy Drones Over USA Searching for Theiving Fox

Military Spy Drones Over USA Searching for Theiving Fox3 votes / 5 Stars Unbeknownst to the rank and file of the US population, the events depicted in the popular children’s show, Dora the Explorer, are based on the real-life work of a young lady with dual citizenship.  Her name is actually Dora, and she does not have a pet monkey.  Her mother was born in Mexico, and her father worked for the CIA.  She also used to help the FBI track a particularly wily thief, but that’s where the story gets interesting. This thief calls himself Swiper the Fox (not to be confused with Carlos the Jackal).  Dora, until her retirement, had one mission; to find and capture this bandit.  He specialized ...

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Donald Trump Actually the Outer God Nyarlathotep

Donald Trump Actually the Outer God Nyarlathotep45 votes / 4.5 Stars Insiders have determined that Donald Trump is hiding a dark secret. One of Lovecraftian proportions, that we can only hope is not true.  If true, the human race will have some reckoning to do shortly.  As it turns out, most of the Outer Gods were banished to the stars, but one remains here, leading the cults of the dark ones.  He remains walking the earth, unlike the Great Old Ones who dreaming, sleep and wait.  He remains with the expressed aim of both serving Azathoth and spreading madness here on earth.  He prefers madness to suffering and death because it’s more entertaining to drive a man mad than to kill him ...

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Huge Grocery Conspiracy: Why Produce is at Front of Supermarket

Huge Grocery Conspiracy: Why Produce is at Front of Supermarket4 votes / 5 Stars PEORIA, Illinois – Investigative journalists here at Immediate Safety have uncovered a grand conspiracy concerning the placement of produce in grocery stores and supermarkets.  This conspiracy goes all the way to the top of the grocery industry, and involves some of the biggest families in grocering.  What we’ve uncovered is shocking, so brace yourselves to have your minds blown. It has long been known that human psychology, confirmation bias, and our tendency to operate in herds with a herd mentality make us easy to manipulate.  We know that sex sells, and that children respond to bright colors and movement.  We know that certain colors appeal to ...

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