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Why Jim Comey Let Hillary Skate (or did he)

Why Jim Comey Let Hillary Skate (or did he)2 votes / 5 Stars The Clinton scandal is just about all we see these days.  Her defenders are toeing the party line saying it’s not a big deal, it was an honest mistake, it was Russian hackers so it doesn’t count, etc.  Her detractors have said literally everything from ‘she should be in prison,’ to ‘she supports pedophiles,’ to ‘she is a pedophile.’  The extreme views share only one common thread and that’s Hillary’s scandal-plagued past, present, and if the first two are any indication, future.  She just can’t seem to keep her nose clean. The media would have everyone believe that a Clinton victory is all but guaranteed and that everyone ...

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DOJ Releases List of Crimes for Which They Will Not Prosecute Hillary Clinton

DOJ Releases List of Crimes for Which They Will Not Prosecute Hillary Clinton6 votes / 5 Stars WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice are under tremendous scrutiny for their handling of the crimes committed by Presidential hopeful and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This is a day that the department of Justice does not want to relive anytime soon so they have decided to release an extensive list of crimes that the Clinton family is permitted to commit. If the American people know beforehand what laws apply to the Clinton family we will be able to avoid press conferences in the future concerning probable indictments. This just makes the procedure run much ...

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Hillary’s Most Damning Emails Recently Released.

Hillary’s Most Damning Emails Recently Released.5 votes / 5 Stars WASHINGTON D.C. – The Federal Bureau of Investigations this morning released the most embarrassing emails yet retrieved from Hillary Clinton’s private email servers. According to reports from inside the F.B.I’s Electronic Communications Division, these emails show a cooperation between Ms. Clinton acting as Secretary of State and Prince Bundabih Hadheez from the small country of Bahmudi. According to these reports Prince Hadheez had sent various emails to the Secretary of State’s private email account seeking assistance with cashing checks from the Central bank of Bahmudi. According to the emails Prince Hadheez was unable to withdraw his money due to issues with his bank. The only way to retrieve his fortune ...

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