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We, here at IS, intend to offer a course in Home Safety for individuals who are convinced that they aren’t living safely and wish to fix this situation. We will cover such topics as cooking, dressing, navigating staircases and flat surfaces, exercising, bathing, eating, and most importantly, breathing. This course is aimed at teaching people not only how to live safely, but how to anticipate unsafe conditions and even prevent them.

Too often, we are unaware of the unsafe conditions we have grown accustomed to in our daily lives, and we at IS find this unacceptable. After this course, you’ll be a certified ‘safe thinker’ and will be capable of commenting on the safety mindset of your friends and family from an authoritative standpoint. Our goal is to create an army of safety minded people who have the confidence to tell people how wrong they’re doing things.

Watch for our announcement in future updates and let us know of your interest by commenting on this post with your hometown so that we can schedule a course near you.


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