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Legislation Should Always Have Safety In Mind

Legislation Should Always Have Safety In Mind
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Let’s face it.  Our legislators are generally unsafe people.  As such, they tend to pass unsafe legislation.  For instance, of the 30 bills recently before the 114th Congress, only eight of them even contain the word safety.  We here at IS feel that nearly every bill could stand to have more safety in it.  There is a bill under consideration titled: H.R.3192 – Homebuyers Assistance Act.  Don’t you think that part of the assistance these homebuyers could use is perhaps making their homes safer than they were?

If we convince Congress that safety is important, they’ll take it seriously, and then it will be important.  Think about a society where all the legislation involves some measure of safety.  It would easily be the safest society ever.  Picture it with us for just a moment.

Are you picturing?  We specifically asked you to picture, and you haven’t yet.  Honestly, it’s a little insulting that you haven’t pictured yet.  I mean…  OK, good.  You pictured.  We were getting a little worried that you wouldn’t, but you did.  Good job.

So, now that you pictured the safest society the world has ever known, what will you do to help us create a society where people didn’t get ground into squishy powder at work, and didn’t become pincushions in the pen aisle at the local office supply store?  Will you call your local congress person, and tell them that we demand more safety?  Will you organize a (safe) rally (and serve only hypoallergenic snacks)?  Join with us in demanding a safer America.

Also, can someone talk to Maryland about changing the name of that town?  It sends the wrong message.

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