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10 Things You Need to Know About Ghost Safety

10 Things You Need to Know About Ghost Safety 5 votes / 5 Stars As Halloween quickly approaches, it’s important that we all learn a little bit about supernatural safety.  We have put together a partial list of safety tips and crisis points concerning ghosts and apparitions for those of you struggling to come to terms with your hauntings. No matter what you may have heard no ghost will ever take a chance on killing you. The one advantage they have over you is the fact that they’re a supernatural being and you’re not. They (Spirits) know that killing you will only cause you to become a spirit too and you will likely be angry with them for killing you. ...

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Nose pickers healthier and live longer.

Nose pickers healthier and live longer. 3 votes / 5 Stars It is maybe the biggest taboo in American culture. It is one of the fastest ways to become ostracized from the rest of society. Anyone who gets caught doing it is immediately marked as unfrindworthy. Now science shows that it is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. It is nose picking and it is as necessary as taking a shower or brushing your teeth. According to a recent study conducted by the Millhouse center for Ear, Nose, And Throat Care, Dr. P. Roboscus has concluded that the nose is the body’s natural filter.  It eliminates pathogens in the air by the use of tiny ...

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Kombucha Drinkers in the Workplace: Pretentious Douchebags?

Kombucha Drinkers in the Workplace: Pretentious Douchebags? 4 votes / 5 Stars Douchebaggery in the workplace is a dangerous condition.  It leads to resentment and altercations, sometimes physical.  There are myriad douchey things that one can do in an office environment.  Decoration of a cubicle with Tamagotchis, hanging Nickleback posters, talking loudly on the phone to friends about weed enjoyed over the weekend, repeatedly referring to acquaintances as ‘bro,’ discussing one’s workout routine.  These are all incredibly douchey, but perhaps nothing is worse than healthy people rubbing their healthiness in the faces of their co-workers who enjoy coffee and doughnuts. Healthy people, while often chipper, are normally obnoxious douchebags.  They tend to offer dietary advice no one asked for.  They ...

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Swearing Reduces Pain

Swearing Reduces Pain 3 votes / 5 Stars Have you ever fallen off a curb and hurt your leg, or gotten your finger caught in an automatic window? When you did how did you react? If you are anything like the majority of people in America you likely let out some form of expletive or profanity. Why do we do this? That is what researchers at Karoto research laboratories in Kuhmlou, Pakistan have been working on for the last six months. According to the director of pain and psychology Dr. Tsongs Tu Singh we are equipped with ways to minimize pain through speech. According to Dr. Singh, “We have done extensive research with several groups and have concluded that a ...

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The Importance of Safety Mindset

The Importance of Safety Mindset 2 votes / 5 Stars Safety is of vital importance.  Unsafe behavior and thinking will eventually kill every last man, woman, and child in the United States.  It’s important now, more than ever that we protect people form their own minds, and their own bodies.  Modern equipment continuously seeks to kill us, and we need to be aware of it all the time.  Your car wants you dead, your bed wants you dead, your clothing wants you dead, and even your food wants you dead. It’s amazing that we all aren’t dead already, given the fact that we’re beset on all sides by murderous people, animals, equipment, and food.  The insurance industry has copious records ...

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How Do We Make Guns Safer?

How Do We Make Guns Safer? 5 votes / 4.2 Stars Guns are inherently unsafe. They kill nearly everyone who comes near them.  That is, of course, with the inexplicable exception of redneck, white, conservative, Republican, Christians. Despite the fact that many of these people are immune, we aren’t sure what causes their immunity. As scientists study the cause of this immunity, it’s important that we realize that the only way to truly be safe is to eliminate all guns.  While we work on eliminating them, we have more than a few common sense measures which can make them safer in the meantime. It’s not usually the guns which do the killing, it’s the bullets.  While we know that guns ...

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Our 24-Hour Safety Intensive Course

Our 24-Hour Safety Intensive Course 2 votes / 5 Stars We, here at IS, intend to offer a course in Home Safety for individuals who are convinced that they aren’t living safely and wish to fix this situation. We will cover such topics as cooking, dressing, navigating staircases and flat surfaces, exercising, bathing, eating, and most importantly, breathing. This course is aimed at teaching people not only how to live safely, but how to anticipate unsafe conditions and even prevent them. Too often, we are unaware of the unsafe conditions we have grown accustomed to in our daily lives, and we at IS find this unacceptable. After this course, you’ll be a certified ‘safe thinker’ and will be capable of ...

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