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Recent statistics point to a disturbing trend in recreational fatalities.  According to the CDC, people with a college education resulting in a bachelor’s degree or higher (excluding Ph.D. postgraduates), are eight times more likely to die in skydiving accidents.  Spokespeople for the agency are baffled by this finding, as they only recently began asking for educational credentials in death reports.

While this information is accurate, the cause remains under investigation.  We here at IS fully intend to follow up with any new information we find, but our immediate recommendation is as follows.

  • If you have a degree up to and including a master’s degree, stop skydiving
  • If you have a Ph.D., start skydiving
  • If you have an associate’s degree, try skydiving (if you can afford it)
  • If you never went to college, do whatever you want, because no one cares about you anyway

Any new information will be published in a subsequent article.


  1. oMG PAUL thats so so funny! so true about the photo not relating to the article! i LOL’ed. guess whats even funnier? the person thatr wrote the article is called Horus Focker! haha say THAT out loud!!
    hope we can hang out more! youre funny xxxx


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