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If you haven’t read the previous article, go there first.  This article assumes some of the facts outlined in that article are understood.  Likewise, if you would like to be updated when we publish new information on this topic, let us know below.  Feel free to comment and tell us what we got wrong, and link us to new information we may not know about.

    Given the fact that #pizzagate is trending on Google, Twitter, Facebook and just about everywhere trends are tracked, those involved are either wondering how it got this bad and working on major damage control, or they’re realizing they’re backed into a corner and will need to start answering the very real charges the public at large is making.  Historically, when anyone has brought up this concept they simply died of natural causes.  For instance, Andrew Breitbart (founder of Breitbart.com) died suddenly and mysteriously on March 1, 2012,1 and many have speculated that his death was no accident.  Conspiracy theories have circulated almost from the moment his death was announced. Those rumors have been largely unsubstantiated and range from a CIA assassination2 to poisoning by John Podesta.  Why would John Podesta want to poison anyone?  In Breitbart’s case, it could have been this string of tweets calling him out for child molestation.  Prior to pizzagate breaking, we would have chalked that up to conspiratorial nutjobbery.  After, however, we’re forced to give it an honest look.  It’s unlikely that he was killed given the fact that his friend Bill Whittle said that he had recently had a major heart attack.3   The timing is suspect, though.

    Before the majority of Americans knew anything about pizzagate, an investigator from the Colorado Human Trafficking Council’s Data & Research Task Force named Monica Petersen, died in Haiti while investigating.4  A flurry of conspiracy theories started immediately, and many alternative media sources have stated the cause of death as suicide although no official cause of death has been determined.  The only things that are certain are that she is dead, and she was in Haiti investigating human trafficking that was loosely tied to the Clinton Foundation.  Even Snopes can’t necessarily refute this one, calling it ‘unproven.’5

    Why mention unsubstantiated claims?  People who talk about this tend to end up dead.  We are talking about it and we are people.  No one in the employ of this website has any intention of shooting him or herself in the back of the head twice with two different firearms.  We just want to make that perfectly clear so that if it happens everyone reading knows that it was not a suicide.

    Monica Petersen

    We’re reminded of Seth Rich who was murdered in DC toward the end of the campaign.6  He was heavily implicated as the source of the Podesta leaks, even though there is no evidence that he was the actual whistleblower.  He’s still dead from an apparent ‘botched robbery’ despite the fact that nothing was taken.  There was also a colleague of his named Scott Foval who took to Twitter to express his distaste for John Podesta and the Clinton Campaign stating that he was hired to start fights and incite violence at Trump rallies.  His Twitter account has been suspended,7 but thankfully several places got a thorough screencap prior to that suspension.8  He has disappeared.  There are several tweets which mention checking up on Eric Braverman.9  To the best of our knowledge, no one knows where he is.

    This also brings us to the point where we ask that everyone reading this share it and every credible video and article far and wide.  We ask that everyone gets involved in the investigation.  We ask that everyone actively engage so that the number of targets is so overwhelming that they can’t possibly silence everyone.

    Sorry for the Godwin

    It’s not only about permanently silencing people, though.  It’s also about smear campaigns.  The Clintons have a long history of this sort of behavior.10  11  12  Given this history it should come as no surprise that Jullian Assange was targeted with a similar campaign to discredit Wikileaks.13  The article linked in that footnote is rather comical because the subject of the whole pizzagate investigation is Clinton / Podesta ties to pedophilia.  The Clinton machine specifically sought to frame Assange for pedophilia.  We, at the risk of invoking Godwin’s law, were immediately reminded of Joseph Goebbels’ quote in the image to the left.

    What does all this Clinton hate have to do with pizzagate?  Everything.  The Clinton machine has existed since before Bill became governor of Arkansas and it has gotten very good at what it does.  It covers up lies and corruption so that the Clintons appear to be made of Teflon™,  Nothing has ever stuck, yet there are people in jail for having done less than that to which the Clintons have admitted.  They leave in their wake a trail of broken lives and questions that will never be answered.  For those not in the know, feel free to watch this documentary.  It is highly biased.  It was made by people who despise the Clintons.  Bear that in mind while watching it, but also realize that if a tiny fraction of the claims in the video are true, these are some seriously dangerous people.

    This information, coupled with the original article should start to paint a picture of why the mainstream media is utterly silent on this matter.  It’s par for the course on the realm of the Clintons, and John Podesta is of the same bent.  They’re all influence peddlers out to serve themselves and their friends above all.  The evidence that this is the case is just how wealthy all of them have gotten while working in public service.  Ask yourself how it should be OK to leave the White House ‘broke’14 but be a multimillionaire several hundred times over by working in the public sector as a public servant.  If public service stands to make a person fabulously wealthy, it certainly isn’t from the pay.

    Update December 1st, 2016

    You may be asking yourself why there was a gap in reporting.  The simple answer is that there is an overwhelming amount of information and it takes time to read and organize into coherent thoughts.  We can’t even promise coherence due to the insane volume of information and lack of sleep.  On that note…

    The history of this scandal is older than the vast majority of people reading it, and that’s just based on what we can find.  Way back in 1977, May 16th to be precise, The Chicago Tribune ran with the headline, “Chicago is the center of national child porno ring.”15   By all means, check that footnote.  The articles in the edition are largely dedicated to exposing the underground world of child prostitution, child pornography, and child trafficking.  Also in that edition are articles titled, “US Orders Hearings on Child Pornography,” “Child Sex: Square Block in New Town Tells it All,” and “Police Hunt 26 in Child Porno Ring.”  The most interesting thing about that series of articles is where, on page 8, section two, column 3, it mentions “more than 30,000 index cards listing clients around the country, some of them prominent people and some federal employees in Washington.”  The Dallas police handed that list of clients to the State Department because they thought it should be in the hands of a federal agency.   What did the State Department do?  They destroyed the whole thing.  That’s what you should do with a list of people who commit crimes against children, right?  Their excuse was, “… the cards were not relevant to any fraud case concerning a passport.”

    The common thread in all of the child sex trafficking cases about which anything at all is printed is journalists or citizens bringing the crimes to the attention of law enforcement, law enforcement doing nearly nothing, and judges and politicians covering the whole thing up.  We saw it with the Jimmy Savile case in Britain,16 we saw it with the Franklin cover-up,17 we saw it with the Duroux affair,18 we saw it with the Jerry Sandusky case,19 the Gasy case,20 and on, and on.  It’s gotten to be a predictable cycle of events that seems to pop up every so often to enrage people, then be quickly forgotten once a sacrificial scapegoat is offered to the masses as a token of appeasement.  In fact, we can’t seem to find a prominent pedophile case where there wasn’t an extensive and well-documented cover up.  Not only is the preceding cover up normal, so too is the light sentence of a single perpetrator for crimes that obviously involve more than one person.  As a reader, please send us any information you have in any case that does not follow that pattern because we would like to believe that this isn’t the case.

    Taking the Franklin cover up as a case in point, the Discovery Channel made an hour-long documentary that showed the machinations of a massive pedophile ring that touched government at the highest level.  That documentary, called Conspiracy of Silence, was never allowed to air.  The production costs for the documentary were refunded to the producers, but by whom still remains undetermined.  You need not take our word for it.  Watch the rough cut.  There are countless examples floating around YouTube which get deleted all the time.  We’ll even link one here for you to watch.

    The fact that organizations which we all assume are present to help children, especially those children most at risk, seem to almost universally play major roles in moving children from one hell to another is one of the most troubling aspects.  In the above video, Boy’s Town Nebraska was the center of the ring.  It was a kind of department store for homosexual pedophiles.  In the pizzagate scandal, there is a link to a ‘Christian’ charity called “New Life Children’s Refuge.”  It’s run by a woman named Laura Silsby who has claimed to have a desire to open an orphanage in the Dominican Republic for Haitian and Dominican orphans.21  No such orphanage exists, no plans or business documents were filed for any such orphanage.  That did not stop her, specifically from attempting to smuggle 40 Haitian children out of Haiti by way of the Dominican border.  She was warned to stop but tried again, this time with 33 children.  She was arrested.  The Clinton Foundation not only knew about the whole thing but discussed it.22  The worst part of the 33 children in question is that none of them were orphans.  They drove around on the streets picking up any child who appeared to be an orphan.  This is a very well written document on the subject from 2012 that not only outlines the insanity of the whole affair but clears up some of the factual inconsistencies in most of the pizzagate lore.

    There are people at the New York Times who would have you believe that there is no story here.  There are people at the major networks who would have you believe that anyone talking about it is a conspiracy wacko.  While there is a non-zero chance that they’re right, the sheer volume of historical and present evidence to the contrary warrants close scrutiny.  This issue is pervasive and pizzagate is absolutely not the beginning of it.  Pizzagate is merely this generation’s introduction to this seedy underbelly of society that has somehow seemingly taken over the whole world because we went to sleep.  We need to not go back to sleep.  We need to keep shining light into all the dark places where these predators hide because it’s obvious that the ‘authorities’ are not going to do it.

    More to come.  In the meantime, fill in the form below for updates via email.  You won’t get more than one message a day and we won’t try to sell you anything.  This list is only for pizzagate updates.

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      1. They were talking about this on The View today. Sounded like the typical unenlightened and unaware rhetoric most television celebrities desperate to hold ratings. It seems to me that if Bill was carrying on with interns I wouldn’t expect him to do a 180 turn around overnight. He’s still got to be fooling around with someone somewhere and Hillary had to have been raging out over it with her own political aspirations on the line and I know she had them. The term “Dysfunctional family” isn’t in existence because it sounds great.

      2. I believe its true. The emails prove something evil is happening. There is just too much to be just swept under the rug like they are trying. We are in a spiritual war of good versus evil. More people need to wake up


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