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WASHINGTON, D.C.-  First of all, this investigation and what it will uncover is not over.  Far from it.  We will update this article 20 times a day if necessary.  Take it seriously.  To get an email when we update this article, put your email in the box below.  You’ll get no more than one message per day and we won’t try to sell you anything.

    If you’ve already read this article, we decided to start a new one which can be found here.

    I’m not going to slowly build to a punchline here. This is not a story or any attempt at satirical humor, though the vast majority of our content is. There is a gargantuan illness in America and the world, and it’s not the ugly underbelly of the political elite. It is out in the open and staring us all directly in the face. The crimes committed by the Elite in this nation are far more severe and disgusting than many have even bothered to imagine, or could even conceive. A combination of dark web terminology, the emails procured and released by Wikileaks, the work of Anonymous, and unnamed sources within the New York Police Department provide evidence of a conspiracy to abduct children for purposes of kidnapping, trafficking, and molestation.

    This is no small charge.  Before you write it off as fanciful conspiracy nonsense, which is not only easy to do but better for your personal sanity, you owe it to yourself to hear the arguments out.  Lives are at stake and innocent ones at that.  As Nelson Mandela said, “Any society which does not care for its children is no nation at all.”

    This would not be the first time in political history, even this decade, that a large pedophile ring involving powerful people has been discovered.  An Australian piece on a mainstream media outlet just last year outed dozens of British and Australian politicians and high-society members as pedophiles.  To this day, most of them are free to walk the streets.  Kindly don’t take my word for it.  Watch for yourself.  This article will still be here when you get done.  It only takes 30 minutes and it’s important going forward that you grasp the fact that we’re not talking hypothetically here.

    First of all, it’s incredibly important to understand that this is not a new thing.  People willing to harm children have always been with us.1  They have always had and acted on their desires.  Only the most willfully ignorant could possibly deny it.  It is no longer acceptable to turn a blind eye to the abuses and the fact that it’s happening at all levels of society.  In the past half-century alone there have been dozens of high-profile cases that have gone absolutely nowhere, and a mere handful of low-level pedophiles have been punished.2  The only thing that has changed since these groups were outed is that they’ve gotten smarter about how they operate and gone farther underground.  They first took to the Internet, but when law enforcement started tracking them they went to the dark web where the authorities have a much harder time finding them.  People often call for the elimination of the dark web, but that is simply impossible.  The dark web consists of every page on the Internet not indexed by search engines.  That would include most of Facebook and a tremendous number of perfectly legitimate websites.  All of them are ‘dark’ from the perspective of the average user.  No account, no access.

    The problem with the Internet is that anyone can style themselves an investigative journalist.  People not trained in the art, myself included, tend to make common mistakes like including speculative information as fact or chasing red herrings in an effort to be thorough.  This undermines the work the layperson does as well as the work trained investigative journalists do.  We’re trying hard to avoid those pitfalls.  Below is a non-exhaustive list of compelling evidence that the reader can verify at leisure.

    A major source of information is Wikileaks, and specifically the Podesta Email Archive3 that has been released on a schedule from October 7th to November 9th, 2016.  The useful messages cover the period from mid-October 2006 through Late February of 2016.  Why should we trust Wikileaks as a source?  Quite simply they have never released anything that was not authentic and verified.  They are the only journalistic entity with a track record of 100% accuracy.  They present information without comment in as close to its original form as possible, including all source information.4

    The main objections to the Podesta emails have revolved around the fact that they’re seemingly in code.  They don’t say anything overt at all.  The question for anyone with that objection is, who wouldn’t speak in code when discussing nefarious activity?  Parents speak in code around their children in an effort to hide the true meaning from their simpler minds and to great effect.  The thing about this specific code is that it’s not particularly secret.  The underground sex community has used it for decades.

    this email (Email ID # 32795)

    In emails, we see this code play out.  For instance, in which some of the terms in the image to the right are seen.  Link to that email.

    In another email (John Podesta) we can decipher the terminology as excitement over having little girls as “company” instead of an ‘orgy’ involving ‘little boys’. He even gives us a second indication in the P.S. line that playing ‘dominos’ is better on top of ‘little girls’ than on top of ‘little boys’.

    It seems as if Mr. Podesta has a difficult time cleaning up after himself. He is not nearly in the same league as his friend Anthony Weiner, but sloppy none the less. “A map that is pizza related,” as per the terminology chart, shows not only that Mr. Podesta was involved in unconscionable acts but the sender from The Sandler Foundation was aware of activities taking place. Now, some will suggest we are reading to much into this. but ask yourself, is it possible to spill a map related to pizza on your handkerchief?

    This email shows children as young as seven being used as “entertainment” in a hot tub for old men. Based on the other emails we have read this one should put a big lump in your throat.

    These emails show a blatant disregard for decency and give the reader some insight into the corruption of the elite. More emails can be found by searching the Wikileaks database and going down the rabbit hole.

    As the information is trickling out we are seeing an ever-growing conspiracy that, according to anonymous sources within the N.Y.P.D, includes former Presidents, Congressmen, Federal Judges, and law enforcement officials. The information contained on the computer of Anthony Wiener seems more of a mutually assured destruction file than it does simple child porn. This being the same computer his wife Huma Abedin  (Top aid to Hillary Clinton) used to send and receive emails to/from The State Department. You can just imagine the kind of blackmail this might have caused had Secretary Clinton won the presidency.

    Orgy Island

    Another party to this story is a longtime friend of the Clintons Jeffrey Epstein. Mr. Epstein is a former financier at Bear Sterns before starting his own company J. Epstein and Co.

    In 2008 Epstein was found guilty of attempted solicitation of sex from an underage girl and served 13 months.5 Yes, only 13 months in prison. Isn’t it great to have connections? Especially connections you have the ability to blackmail? According to various sources, Epstein owns his own island which is used to bring Elite adults together with children. This in not just an island used for elites from the United States, rather it is used for elites all over the globe. Bill Clinton has traveled with Mr. Epstein 26 times on Epstein’s private jet named “The Lolita Express” thus far and many of those “vacations” were taken without Secret Service protection.6 On several trips, President Clinton was joined by former Secretary Mrs. Clinton.  Mr. Epstein seems like an odd friend for a former President and Secretary of State to have, no?

    According to Virginia Roberts testimony in a Federal Court, she was used by Epstein as a sex slave from the age of 15.7  She was trafficked as an underage prostitute for wealthy clients including Attorney Allen Dershowitz, and Prince Andrew. Ms. Roberts also identified former President Clinton as being a guest in the Epstein Villa used for group sex with underage children, “I remember asking Jeffrey, ‘What’s Bill Clinton doing here?’ kind of thing and he laughed it off and said, ‘Well, he owes me a favor,’ ” Roberts was never explained to what that ‘favor’ was.

    Oft-quoted Lord John Dalberg-Acton said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  I wonder if perhaps he may have missed the mark.  Could it be that powerful positions attract the most corruptible people?  The evidence, and there is much more to be had, deserves a proper investigation by a proper investigative body.  According to the anonymous informants in the NYPD, they’ve been stonewalled in their attempt to bring the information forward. We will continue to update information as it is released. The good decent people of the world deserve to know the truth and we will do everything in our power to bring that truth to you.  Power should not grant immunity from morality.

    Update 25 November 2016

    Since it’s called Pizzagate it becomes important to make that term make sense.  Since Bill Clinton and Jeffery Epstein have little to do with pizza overtly, where does the term come from?  The whole thing can’t be based on the fact that pizza is a pedophile term.  Where the ‘pizza’ in Pizzagate comes from is the inexorable ties to pizza parlors as fronts for human trafficking.  Yeah, that sounds ludicrous.  It has to be ludicrous.  Pizza is a wonderful, albeit unhealthy, food, right?  Yes.  Everyone, especially a child, loves it.

    Given its popularity, it’s not hard to imagine that trendy pizza shops would be frequented by politicians and powerful people especially in powerful cities like Washington, DC.  But how is it possible that a pizza shop owner could be considered one of the most powerful people in Washington?  I mean, it’s the most powerful city in the arguably most powerful country in the world, right?  The list of powerful people should be limited to POTUS and influential lobbyists.  How did this man, James Alefantis, become number 49 on the list?8

    Jimmy Comet wearing a shirt “I <3 Children” (in French). In fairness, L’Enfant is also a neighborhood in DC

    Alefantis is the owner of two businesses on the same block in DC (blocks from John Podesta’s house).  He owns Comet Ping Pong (the pizza shop) and a restaurant called Buck’s Fishing and Camping on the same block.  Comet Ping Pong is the focus of the investigation.  Together with several other trendy pizza shops in DC, the picture of child trafficking is getting clearer by the day.  On the same block with Comet Ping Pong is Besta Pizza.  Besta Pizza’s original logo (which has been changed since this story broke mere days ago) included known pedophilia symbols.  In fact, this whole block is rife with businesses which seemingly cater to pedophiles.

    The third, and probably not the only other, pizza shop implicated in the story is called We the Pizza.  While we haven’t found much evidence to connect this shop to the scandal outside relationships, ownership, funding, and patronage, that circumstantial evidence is enough to include it on the list of what law enforcement should be investigating.

    What does it all prove?  Literally nothing.  While there is a precedent of pizza shops as a front for child trafficking,9 the evidence is genuinely circumstantial.  It’s when we couple the weirdness of it all with the strange images shared on Comet Ping Pong’s Instagram account, listen to the bands who play there frequently, look at the art featured prominently on the walls and in exhibitions, etc. that a picture emerges that gets beyond disturbing.

    One artist in particular paints images that are so disturbing they’re hard to study for long.  Her name is Kim Noble, and there’s little doubt what the subject of her arts is.  She was the victim of some kind of abuse and suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) as a result.  One of her aspects paints these pictures.  I warn you, they are profoundly disturbing when coupled with information about the artist.10

    There is much more to be said about this particular aspect of the story, but this writer is currently so disturbed it becomes necessary to step away.  The sheer volume of information about this subject is overwhelming.  It’s like drinking from a firehose that’s pumping out vile, putrid filth.  It takes a toll.  There will be another update soon.

    Update 26 November 2016

    The Comet Ping Pong link is bizarre but far from conclusive.  There is a YouTube video of two people who confront Alefantis at the restaurant, ask him questions about pizzagate and are given a tour of the establishment.  His insistence that none of it is true is coupled with the fact that the interior of the restaurant is completely devoid of all the wall art that was present mere days before is strange.  There is also the fact that the videographers never saw the basement.  The basement is well documented on the establishment’s Instagram feed, yet no one has been able to produce any record of permits for work they clearly performed.

    Still, other videos have surfaced which show bizarre shows taking place which clearly requires some kind of insider knowledge to make any sense.  This one, for instance, in which an emcee ad libs due to sound difficulties.  Taking the video as a whole, it’s not the kind of thing that one would normally associate with a child-friendly pizza restaurant. As this article keeps getting longer, we’ll need to make a gallery of all the images fit to share.  Sadly, many of them are not fit to share.

    As we stated earlier in this article, the bulk of the evidence is circumstantial.  That does not mean it should not be investigated.  What’s most telling about the potential for this story to be factual is the broad disinformation campaign aimed at silencing anyone who dares talk about it.  Our own server logs show login attempts from places we’ve never been but which conveniently house agencies of government; specifically, agencies who specialize in network related activities.  Verizon built a 30,000 square foot facility in Ashburn, VA for network spying and wouldn’t you know that the first IP address on the list to the left and many others on the list resolve to Ashburn.  Again, purely circumstantial.

    Disinformation campaigns are nothing new.  The New York Times has written about the concept stating, “the stuff of paranoid fantasies … has arrived.”11  There are articles relating to Operation Earnest Voice12  in the Guardian,13 the Huffington Post,14 The Telegraph,15 the Washington Times,16 and a host of others so the idea of shilling for disinformation is not only real but beyond dispute.  This would explain the staggering volume of bots calling for an end to the investigation on boards like 4chan and 8chan, as well as Reddit.  Here is an example of this in action but we must warn you that the language in these posts is generally foul.  It is 4chan, after all.

    This should bring up the question, why the disinformation?  Why has Snopes flatly dismissed the claims without any kind of real investigation?  The Snopes article cites a total of three sources for its conclusion.17  We cleared three in our introductory section.  Why has the New York Times18 lumped all of it in with the ‘fake news’ conspiracy they like to foment?  Given the actual evidence they so callously dismissed, could there be another angle?  Maybe.

    There are those involved in the investigation who like to point out that the current CEO of the NYT is none other than the BBC’s own Mark Thompson.  He ran the BBC throughout the coverup and subsequent arrest of Jimmy Savile.  If you’re not familiar with that case, he was arrested and convicted of raping over 500 children and even raped dead bodies.  Rather than link to all that, click here to see an image that spells it out fairly thoroughly.  Again, it’s mostly speculation but feel free to check the sources.  You may just learn a thing or two about the massive coverup from which the British are still reeling.

    As you can tell, this update is mostly about debunking the debunkers in an effort to allow the investigation to continue.  The speed with which the mainstream media has deemed this story ‘false’ is disturbing, especially considering the tremendous number of times this sort of thing has been true.  In case you didn’t read it the first time, check back in on the number of real cases from a different source.19

    Later we’ll begin tying all this together with more solid, less circumstantial, evidence but for now, even the casual reader has a lot of homework to do.  We’re exhausted trying to keep up with not only the new developments but with how they tie to the old stories.  Pizzagate is not an event, it’s a plague that won’t stop until we stop it.

    Update 27 November 2016

    Some very talented video producers have put together a couple videos which are good overviews of the issue.  Today we figured that, in order to give us some time to assemble more information, we would post a few of the videos that we found most helpful in explaining the horrors that we’re researching.

    First, this video and the second were produced by the same person and give an overview.  We are purposely avoiding the ‘Satanic’ angle because people don’t need religion to be horrible.  Even if these people are Satanists, a term we find to be mostly nonsense or simply a catchall for any religion Christian westerners don’t understand, it wouldn’t absolve them of responsibility for being horrible people.  That makes any religious practice ancillary to the actual harm they’re doing.  That does not stop other people from viewing the religion angle as important.  Without further ado, here are those videos.

    The biggest problem with this kind of investigation and human beings is that we love to self-delude.  We’re so good at seeking out information that confirms our beliefs and ignoring information that disconfirms it that there’s a name for the practice.  It’s called confirmation bias and we’re all guilty of it.  Unless we make a point to go out of our way to look at the other side of the argument we will continue to see only what we want to see.  It’s the reason liberals call conservatives stupid and vice versa.  We had intended, for that reason, to present a video showing the other side of the argument.  Sadly, we couldn’t find one.  Please add links to any you find in the comments.  Instead, we decided to link to a half-hour podcast on conspiracy and conspiratorial thinking that should really help dial in folks who may be violently angry over this issue.  Remember that no matter how much evidence is found, there is still a non-zero chance that we’re wrong (not likely, but still possible).  If there’s even a tiny chance that we’re wrong, ruining lives and the like is bad behavior.

    We’ll have a much bigger update tomorrow.  In the meantime, use the comment section to add anything to the discussion you find relevant.  Keep it clean, civil, and rational, please.

    When you’ve finished this article, we’ve started a new on that goes deeper.  Find it here.

    Check our references, call us stupid, add your comments.  Nothing about this should be taken lightly, but ignoring it is simply not an option.  To get an email when we update this article, put your email in the box below.  You’ll get no more than one message a day and we won’t try to sell you anything.  This list is only for the protection of innocent children from powerful psychopaths.

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