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NEW YORK, New York – MTV is at it again and this time the world is starting to pay attention to the dealings of this once flagship channel. The new MTV power program, ” We Are I.S.I.S.” is set to begin production and, in true MTV fashion, is stirring controversy.

The program focuses on the Mahmood family and follows them with cameras through their normal daily routine.

“We wanted everyone to see they were just like us”, said Jeremy Eagers associate producer for the program. “We are all racists and must see clear to the other side”. When asked if things happened in the filming that he objected to he simply stated, ” You will have to tune in to find out”.

Mohammad family photo
Mahmood family photo

The program is listed as humor and not education so it appears that MTV is trying to convey the lighter side of the war on terror and jihad. “Daddy, can I go kill infidels now?” Asks little Muhammad, “Did you do your homework?” Replied Big Mahammad. “But Daaaaaaad!”

According to Asreiea (Wife of Big Muhammad), they are just a normal everyday family. “We do the same things everyone else does; We wake up, pray, make our beds, pray, eat breakfast, pray, get the kids off to school, pray, clean the house, pray, pray, kill the infidels, pray, eat supper, pray, and start the whole thing over again tomorrow”.

Screenshot_20160520-175044The show is an obvious attempt to save the fledgling network and comes on the heels of the failures of “Kids on Drugs”, “My Black Baby Gives Me Street Cred”, and “My Mom is a Milf”. Perhaps MTV should try something new and crazy like playing music videos or something.


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