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The New York Times has a history of hating President Trump across the board. They have run stories that use incendiary language leading readers to believe a mundane thing is the end of the whole world.  They have also run stories that use language intended to downplay major successes of the administration.  They have taken a huge swig of the social-Marxist Kool-Aid and vomited it onto their pages just like the rest of their pseudo-journalistic kind.

Can you even believe it?

Recently, they did something no one ever considered.  They published an editorial article on Sunday the 17th that said President Trump succeeded in destroying ISIS.  It’s as if their inability to recognize reality took a break.  The shock we had at reading this article simply served to underscore the wildly skewed reporting we’re used to.  We now wonder what they’ll say next.  Are they starting to do real journalism again or is this a one-off article?  Time will tell.

The reality is, all he did was cut the tether of the generals.  I wonder why previous administrations didn’t consider that as an option?  Can you imagine a weirder idea than allowing a subject matter expert to do his job without you breathing over his shoulder?  It’s weird, we know.

In the meantime, go over there and comment to tell them how surprised you were to see the truth in their ‘newspaper’ even if it was one man’s opinion.


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