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JEDI TEMPLE- Ahch To – After leaving my viewing of Disney’s latest contribution to the Star Wars Universe, The Last Jedi, I was so caught up in the endless sea of crimes and travesties committed by Rian Johnson that I temporarily neglected to give feedback on the most disgusting, ridiculous scene in the movie. Luke’s breakfast.

What exactly did Luke drink? I imagine the easiest answer would be milk. That would be so comforting and satisfying to just leave it at that. Unfortunately, most people who have watched the movie have wondered if there was something more.

What are those things?

I gave up searching for the name of the animal in question. The only information available at this time is this animal is indigenous to Ahch To (Luke Skywalker’s hideout planet). It appeared to have 4  nipples, though they were not connected to breasts. They seemed to originate from protuberances between the animal’s legs, you know,  where genitalia usually resides (see picture 1).

A sane rational person could easily make the argument that these were *scrotums (or *scrotum? *scroti? *scrotes?). Yes, we know *scrotums don’t have nipples, but they also don’t reside between bipedal animals legs.

That’s not… ohhhh

Why did Disney and Rian Johnson decide to shoot this scene this way? They only narrative it seemed to fit was Johnson’s desire to destroy Luke Skywalker’s, and the entire Star Wars Universe’s legacies. How did Disney approve this? What was the message they were sending? They could have shot this 1000 different ways, or even better not at all, but they chose this.



Tell me he is not going to do this.

For those of you who have seen the movie please feel free to leave a comment on whether you noticed this and got the same impression we did. We might be crazy, but you already knew that.

Ahch To porn? Money shot?


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