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Have you ever met someone and just new you had to have Intercourse immediately? Of course you have. I am sure during each instance you asked yourself some universal questions. These questions have existed since man first began to court women; is she safe? With whom has she been in the past? If i put this in there will I be harmed? Now thanks to the new life changing product from Saftyverify™ industries those questions can be answered with a single swab and a smartphone extension.

The product is called sneakitinher® and it is flying off the shelves in China and Southern Africa. You simply undress your partner and sneak one of our patented swabs into her vagina during foreplay. Next you make an excuse to leave the room for a moment and swipe the swab on our one of a kind patented Vag-Checker® smart phone attachment. Within 30 seconds it will alert you to what Sexually transmitted diseases your partner has, give you the total amount of people she has slept with in the last year, and will tell you the name of anyone registered on our system by our users that has had intercourse with this person in the past.

So, I was wondering if this bird I was going to hook up with was worth a shag, because she was a bit of a slag me mates had passed around.  Thanks to sneakitinher®, I dodged the herp. — Malcolm R, East London, UK


Ek was in staat om my tweede van die geval van vigs deur die depper te hou. Dankie, Saftyverify™. — Lungelo O, Stellenbosch, SA

So with sneakitinher® you will never have to wonder again. Also for all of you homosexual men out there we also have sneakitinhim®. It works with the same swab system and will leave you just as relieved and sure of your safety.  Feel free to order online or stop at one of our sponsored stores.



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