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Cooking is one of the most dangerous activities Americans participate in on a daily basis.  While, here at IS, we recommend that no one actually does it, we realize that it will take some time until machines can do it for us.  In the meantime, how can you, the consumer/ citizen, protect yourself from harm while taking part in this extremely harmful activity?

We have several suggestions.

  1. Avoid cooking with open flames.  Open flames are incredibly unsafe.  Fire, as many people have learned over their lifetime, is incredibly hot.  It can do all manner of horrible things, from removing wanted hair to melting skin and clothing.  In extreme exposure cases, it can leave a person completely dead.   Studies confirm that this is a less optimal way to die than most others.  If you can’t avoid open flames, try to remember that the flames are trying to kill you.
  2. Don protective face shielding equipment.  We recommend a full face shield made of LEXAN™ for its ability to allow you to see, even when flames are present.  It’s to protect your eyes and face when cooking with oils or water.  These substances tend to splatter and can blind you or make you look like Edward James Olmos.
  3. Wear a full body protective covering.  We suggest DuPont™ Tyvek® Coveralls, mainly because we like typing it with the ® and the ™, but also because of the fact that they’re flame retardant and can keep bacon grease from frying you.  They also come in an array of stylish colors, but white can show you just how dangerous cooking can be, with the Sriracha splatter and tomato sauce that would have almost certainly left visible scars, if not killed you outright.
  4. A set of silicone gloves, because DuPont™ Tyvek® is very thin.  If you touch a hot pan or pot while cooking, or get too close to the fire, kiss your dexterity goodbye.  Your hands will be just like Johnny Tremain’s and they’ll burn so that your fingers are stuck together.  If only Johnny had used our safety guide.

We hope this guide has prevented the countless deaths and permanent disfigurements each year experienced through cooking accidents.



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