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We’ve all seen it.  The anger in a man’s eyes when he’s at the end of his rope emotionally and financially.  He’s seriously debating going ape-shit and destroying something beautiful or important.  We also know that our politicians are in league with mega-corporations at our expense.  So what happens when you get the first guy pissed off at the second guy (guy because corporations are ‘people’ and supposedly have rights)?  You get a perfect storm of crazy.

I wouldn't work there...
I wouldn’t work there…

Let’s consider the completely fabricated case of Joe.   Joe has cancer, and it’s the bad kind.  The kind that has no cure.  Joe tries to get help but his insurance agency denies him coverage because, on his form, he didn’t check the right block or had a pre-existing something-or-other.  Joe is a man without options, and at that point, he has a choice.  He can die, slowly and in agony, or he can die quickly and take the people who told him he was worthless with him.  So, Joe heads on over to the mega-corp headquarters and asks one more time, politely, for help.  They say no.  Joe does the unthinkable.  You know what I mean.  He shoots the place up or lights it on fire or something.  He does it because he has no more options.

I suspect we’ll see a lot of scenarios like this as the line between government and corporation keeps blurring.  Joe is a fictitious entity, but with recent developments in health care costs, such as families going from $2500 / year in coverage expenses to over $11,000, It’s a matter of time until the Joe’s of the world start handling things the same way caged animals do.  When you leave a man no options, his only option is to create a few new ones.

The most evil
The most evil

This brings me to companies like Comcast and Verizon.  With their government-granted monopolies on territory, they genuinely don’t give a shit about their customers.  Ask anyone stuck in one of those market hellholes.  At some point, a man with three weeks to live is going to settle his score with them in the worst possible way.  I think the government secretly wants him to.  Why else would they keep taking away corners for him to back into?  If they keep making laws that make criminals out of people who didn’t harm anyone, sooner or later everyone will be a criminal.



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