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DALLAS, Texas – Senator and Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz is trying to fill every gap he can with voters, even if it means appealing to blocks he would have avoided like the plague before.  With the Trump Train in top gear and shaking off every attack, the Cruz team needs to pull out all the stops.  They’re making an end run around all the normal holes and sneaking backstreet to gain voters they know would never swing Trump’s way. Can he do a full reach-around and straighten out the climbing Trump curve, Or will he flop into the dark abyss? Some say he may have peaked too soon. But his campaign assures us there is plenty of stamina in the “TC train.”  As a result of all this, Cruz has decided to make a calendar to appeal to those happy blocks of voters.

Ted was tired of coming in under Trump.  It’s always been a shocker, but he is going to reinvent himself with new voting blocks. Bi and large Ted believes this new calender will bring in voters previously untouched by the TC Train.  He hopes to touch them in special ways.  –Jeff Rogue, Cruz Campaign manager

Below are the images from the upcoming calendar.  We hope you enjoy them as much as Ted enjoyed having them taken.



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