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NEW YORK, New York – Several motions have been filed recently in the Southern District of New York Federal Court, seeking the right and authority to bring an international lawsuit against the Nation of Egypt along with several other African nations. According to recently released affidavits the white activist group, White Lives Matter, filed motions requesting hearings based on generations of white slavery culminating in the building of Cairo, Giza, and several other Egyptian cities and landmarks. WLM’s claim is based on the opinion that Egypt was partially built on the backs, sweat, and blood of white slaves. Furthermore, they suggest the quality of life for their families was greatly diminished at the hands of their black slave owners based solely on the color of their skin. “Our white ancestors were bought and sold into slavery,” suggests Elton Wisk, President, White Lives Matter International. “We built the pyramids, the Sphinx, the ancient architecture, everything you see in Egypt was built on the backs of white slaves. We deserve generations of pay for work and suffering.” According to Wisk, Egypt is central to the lawsuit but other nations share in the enslavement and disenfranchised of the white race. “White men, women, and children were enslaved by black Egyptians. Of that, there has never been any doubt. You must also understand the fact that other nations are also culpable in this racist travesty due to the buying and trafficking of human beings based on the color of their skin.”

As you can imagine there is growing opposition to the ‘White Lives Matter’ suit. An alternate motion is expected to be filed in the coming days by Black Lives Matter activists, seeking to have the case thrown out based on merits. Malik Shabazz (B.L.M spokesman) claims there are no damages warranted in this case. “No white man living today was ever a slave. Seeking payment for something that happened before they were even born is as silly as it is irresponsible”. Claims Shabazz,”You must also consider the fact that no black person alive today ever owned a white slave. To expect black individuals anywhere in the world to be asked to pay reparations to white people for crimes they themselves never committed is an affront to international justice. They need to grow up and end this silliness.”

The court is expected to make a decision in the coming weeks as to whether or not to have a hearing on the merits of the case. We will keep you updated on any progress made in this pivotal international suit.


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