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BERLIN, Germany –  A recent late-night experiment with a Ouija board in Germany has the world reliving the past in a not so positive way. Two young boys, Gideon and Abner Rosenstein, set up their “toy” inside the Temple of Abraham Jewish Center for German boys in Berlin. During the session, a screaming voice came through so loud and clear everyone in the building came to investigate the commotion.

Screenshot_20160421-124222According to witnesses, A full bodied apparition of Adolf Hitler stood before the boys with a chilling message. One of those who witnessed the apparition was Rabbi Sol Lowenstein,

This Hitler guy is kind of a jerk. He spent 5 minutes going on and on about not wanting to be associated with Angela Merkel [Chancellor of Germany], George W. Bush, or President Obama. He seemed upset that everyone with a computer sees meme’s trying to link them to him.

We have obtained a poor recording of the event and have transcribed as best as we could.

There is a difference between Evil and incompetence that leads to terrible things. I was pure evil and I deserve better. George Bush? Seriously? President Obama? Please… He has no idea how to be evil. I saw hundreds of meme’s comparing them to me. I am starting to wish I never exterminated all those people. Well, let’s not go that far. At least make meme’s comparing Osama, Saddam, Khamenei, or Hasselhoff to me so I can rest at peace in my evil.

Evil does exist.
Evil does exist.

To many, Adolf Hitler is still the epitome of evil on Earth. That does not, however, mean he does not have a good point. Meme’s that compare him to incompetent politicians diminish the power of a true comparison. As Adolf so eloquently stated, there really is a difference between ‘evil’ and ‘incompetence.’  Perhaps we should listen to someone who knows.


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