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A tremendous number of people have publicly stated their desire to flee the country if Donald Trump is elected. Their reasons are many and varied, but the list is growing. Below is a partial and ongoing list of celebrities (because who cares about the little guy) who have made it known that Trump is not their guy.

  • Reverend Al Sharpton – “If Donald Trump is the nominee, I’m open to supporting anyone [else], while I’m also reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins, only because he’d probably have me deported anyway…”
  • CEO Barry Diller – He plans to move or join the resistance.  We’re not sure who ‘the resistance’ is, but they will have at least one member.
  • Rosie O’Donnell – It’s no secret that she has a history of bad blood with the Donald.  They genuinely don’t like each other.  Her desire is to move to Canada.
  • Cher – She has stated that her destination would be Jupiter.  We’re not sure how she plans to do that, but we recommend that she doesn’t.
  • Samuel L. Jackson – He say’s he’d move to South Africa, which would make it difficult to film in Hollywood.
  • Eddie Griffin – He says he’ll go to Africa, but Africa is a big place.  We assume he won’t be in Somalia or Djibouti.
  • John Stewart – He has stated a desire to flee to another, as yet unspecified, planet.  Perhaps he’ll make a joint effort with Cher to get to Jupiter.
  • Eddie Vedder – We’re not sure where he’ll go, but it will likely be far away with many whales to save.
  • Alec Baldwin – His relevance is suspect, mainly because there are so many other Baldwins. NBC is actively looking for talent to pick up Baldwin’s once a season guest host duties on Saturday Night Live. Is Justin Timberlake leaving also?
  • Jennifer Lawrence – She hasn’t said where she’ll go but she firmly believes that the whole world will end.  It would behoove her to jump on that Stewart / Cher rocket to Jupiter.
  • Kanye West – He plans to move to Mexico for several reasons.  First, he can drive there, and on his budget, that’s a major selling point.  Second, sweatshops.  That’s all he said…  just ‘sweatshops.’
  • Most of the Cast of The View – Who actually cares where they go, just so they do.
  • Donald Trump – “I would never live in any country who would elect me president.  All that ‘Make America great again’ talk was just to see what would happen.  I figured, how far can you coast on billions of dollars and fine, golden hair.  Pretty far, actually…”
  • Hulk Hogan – “I’m moving to any country that has no Trump, brother. Probably a place without black people who want my daughter.”
  • Khaleed Sheik Muhammad – “I will not be imprisoned in a country with such an infidel as President. I will ask for a transfer to Germany. Allah is great. Allah will provide.”
  • Vladimir Putin – “For the last time…I do not even live in America! Stop trying to quote me on this. NYET!”



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