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The Big Lebowski is often cited as one of the weirdest, or best films of the modern era.  There’s even a religion based on the teachings of its main character, The Dude.  The Coen Brothers did a fine job of making a film about nothing where nothing changes and no one wins and making that story arch wildly entertaining.  But what you may not have noticed when watching it all those times is the strong undercurrent of life-lessons.  There are more safety/ life lessons in the film than most will ever realize.

For instance:

  • If you don’t keep your doors properly locked, a Chinaman and his friend may enter your home and pee on your rug
  • Sarcasm works when your head is dunked into a toilet by violent thugs
  • When replacing your rug, remember to verify ownership first
  • If you attend your landlord’s crazy ass dance quintet, he’ll probably overlook the late rent
  • When the only beverage you consume is white Russians, odds are you’ll make stupid decisions
  • jesus
    Do not fuck with

    You do not fuck with the Jesus or any other pederast

  • You need not accept someone’s opinion as anything other than an opinion
  • Always visit doctors who are good…  and thorough
  • Pulling a gun on a cheater can work if you finish bowling before the cops show up
  • If a woman starts doing yoga-like poses after sex, slip a morning after pill into her breakfast
  • When your phone is ringing, answer it
  • Not all kidnappings are kidnappings
  • Not all people in wheelchairs are faking it
  • If you don’t lock your car, it will be stolen and likely used as a vagrant’s bed/ toilet
  • When scattering ashes, wear respirator or a surgical mask, and never empty the container while downwind
  • Bowling is a suitable substitute for nearly any other activity

Feel free to add more to this list, but we think you’ll agree that the next time you watch it, you should do so with a notepad.


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